TOP 10 Best Basketball Arcade Game Reviews 2020


Best Basketball Arcade Game ReviewsBest Basketball Arcade Game Reviews : In this technologically advanced age, with the introduction of digital games, children hardly go out and burn their energy. Instead, they stay glued to the electronic gadgets where they can even virtually play the outdoor games. But then, the Basketball Arcade Game has come up as an interesting indoor game that will allow your kid to stay indoors and yet help them burn some energy.

Basketball arcade games are a popular form of table games that are perfect for playing indoors. There are several benefits of enjoying a Basketball Arcade Game at home with your friends and family.

It helps your kids to spend some productive time rather than playing video games, help them indulge in some physical exercise and also improves their bonding with friends and other family members. Playing this game can also improve your kids’ hand-eye coordination and develop their motor skills.

In this article, we will, therefore, guide you on how to purchase one of the best basketball arcade games by reviewing some of the top models of various brands.

#1 Things to Consider Before Buying Best Basketball Arcade Game

If you go through any popular Basketball Arcade Game Review, you will surely come across the factors you need to consider while buying the best product.

Material – Always look for basketball arcade games made of lightweight metal frames that can be easily folded thus making it convenient to store. The frames should be constructed of powder-coated stainless-steel metal.

The ramps can be made of nylon, canvas or other synthetic materials. Look for models having side netting for added stability. The backboards should be constructed of Medium-Density board (MDF) and high-density boards that are resistant to vibrations and shocks.

Design – Foldable design basketball arcade games work best for in-house parties or domestic use as they can be folded and stored easily. Talking of the design, models with adjustable height proves to be a good choice as they can accommodate the growing need of your child.

• You should also check the height of the game to make sure it is shorter than the height of your ceiling. Some basketball arcade games can also come with height spacer, rear middle spacer, flexible design with braces and push-buttons.

Scoring System – The score is the ultimate factor that decides the winner of the game. So go for models having super-sensitive infrared sensors near the hoops that can detect the number of balls delivered faster and with better accuracy. Some models also come with a LED digital display.

This ensures that the scoring system reflects 98% accurate results. Some Arcade Basketball Game models even allow you to connect the system to a speaker with an audio jack. Go for button-operated scoring systems that help you to conveniently change the gaming type and enjoy a huge variety of games.

The Number of Basketballs and Hoops Provided – Most of the common basketball arcade games models come with several hoops and basketballs. In some arcade games, you will find more than two hoops and up to four basketballs.

Arcades with one basket are ideal for practice. The total number of hoops you should go for entirely depends on the number of players that are likely to use it.

Having more balls makes quick-shooting games easier. For greater peace of mind always look for arcades providing 6 to 7 balls. Few models also come with inflatable basketballs and an air pump that makes it easy to blow in the air.

Game Options – This is another important factor you need to consider before making that purchase. Basketball arcade games usually come with 5 to10 types of gaming options sometimes with audio features. Some arcade games are even compatible with your smartphone for easy game selection, but these advanced models are a bit expensive.

Dimensions when Folded and Set – While purchasing an arcade, always measure the playing space available at home. Here, you should also consider the space required for the people to stand while playing. Look for basketball arcade games that fold up easily thus requiring less storage space.

#2 Best Basketball Arcade Game Reviews 2020

#1 Pop-A-Shot New Official Home Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game

Pop-A-Shot New Official Home Dual Shot Basketball Arcade GameThis Pop-A-Shot New Official Home Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game is designed with the latest technology and the option of 16 games like along with 6 audio options.

This arcade game is made of sturdy 1.5-inch silver powder-coated steel tubes that protect it from rusting. The thick nylon blue-colored ramp promises to last for years. The backboard is white in color and thicker and sturdier than any other ordinary basketball arcade game. The net on each side stops the balls from rolling off.

There are two hoops that make practicing easy. The rims are also quite strong. The product is 87 x 46 x 82 inches and weighs 58 pounds. It is ideal for 1-2 players. The height of the game is adjustable with multiple settings as per your needs. The wheels make its transportation easy.

It is powered by both battery and AC adapters. The Home Dual Shot scoring system with infrared sensors provides 100% accurate scores. There is a big sized three-digit scoreboard with an audio jack to allow you to connect to external speakers that enhance the overall effect of the gameplay.

The pack includes 7 mini balls. The rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars in Amazon makes it the best Basketball Arcade Game in today’s market. The fact that it has been reviewed by 1118 customers ensures that it will make a place in some of the Basketball Arcade Game Reviews.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable height
  • Comes with wheels
  • Includes 7 mini balls
  • Durable construction
  • Features 16 individual games
  • Has built-in sensors for an accurate score
  • Installation is time taking

#2 ESPN EZ Fold Indoor Basketball Game for 2 Players

ESPN EZ Fold Indoor Basketball Game for 2 PlayersIf you don’t have enough space at home then you should definitely opt for this unique foldable design Indoor Basketball Arcade Game by ESPN which is very easy to store when not in use. When in use its size is around 81 inches in the room and when folded it only becomes only 20 inches.

This ESPN Basketball Arcade Game has a sturdy red black and wooden finish ramp cloth with a black printed tough backboard for that real feel. This 2 player game with two basketball hoops includes options of 8 different games to help you compete with your opponent. The rims on the hoops that are made of durable stainless steel are of a professional standard. It has a dimension of 51 x 23 x 6 inches and weighs only 44.5 pounds.

It features a LED Scoring system that let you keep track of your progress while the arcade sound gives the real arcade feeling. When you buy this product you get 4 seven-inch basketballs with it.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Ideal for 1 or 2 players
  • Foldable space-saving design
  • Has 8 different gaming options
  • LED score system to keep track of the score
  • The scoreboard is defective
  • Takes a lot of time to assemble

#3 Triumph Big Shot II Double Shootout Basketball Game

Triumph Big Shot II Double Shootout Basketball GameThis Double Shootout Basketball Game by Triumph is ideal for competitive arcade shoot-offs. This is an affordable model available in today’s market.

This arcade game features a quick connect frame construction that is easy to assemble. It has a printed ramp cloth in gray, light brown and blue is of high-quality along with a black and blue backboard. There are two hoops attached to the backboard.

This Arcade Style Basketball Arcade Game features 8 different playing options that you can navigate easily with the help of a control panel and a menu. The LED electronic scorer lets you keep track of a competitive game. When not in use you can conveniently fold and lock the frame anywhere you want. The set comes with 4 basketballs, a pump and a needle.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Foldable design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes 8 gaming options
  • Features LED electronic scorer
  • Includes 4 basketballs, a pump and needle
  • Poor quality basketball backboard

#4 Pop-A-Shot Official Dual Shot Sport Basketball Arcade Game

Pop-A-Shot Official Dual Shot Sport Basketball Arcade GamePop-A-Shot basketball game is known to be one of the best products in this segment. This Official Dual Shot Sport Basketball Arcade Game is a new addition to their existing range of products.

This arcade game is made of 1 ½ inches diameter durable steel frame that is powder-coated to prevent scratches, rusting and chipping. Here, both the heavyweight nylon ramp and the tough and extra-large size backboard are blue in color with a dimension of 81 x 46 x 81 inches. It features two hoops for you to challenge your friends.

The pack includes 4 balls so that you have enough balls to play for each turn to arrive. This arcade game features 10 different games, especially for 1-2 players. Its Dual Shot Sport offers interactive gameplay for hours.

There are nets on both sides that save you from picking up the balls every time. You get to select from 6 audio options together with real basketball sound effects along with the voice of an announcer to call the game to give that real impact.

This Home Basketball Arcade Game features a paddle scoring system that provides extremely accurate scoring when you participate in competitive games. The product has an excellent rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars in Amazon that makes it the most wanted Basketball Arcade Game today.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Sturdy and durable product
  • Rust and scratch-resistant steel frame
  • 6-music selections with real basketball sounds
  • Pack includes 4-mini pop shot balls and a pump
  • Features 10 different games which can be played by 1-2 players
  • Assembling the game takes some time

#5 Rally and Roar Shootout Basketball Arcade Game

Rally and Roar Shootout Basketball Arcade GameThis Rally and Roar Shootout Basketball Arcade Game is designed for the tough teenagers. This Home Dual Shot basketball game features 8 gaming options for you to enjoy non-stop fun.

This lightweight Basketball Arcade Game is made of 1.5” thick metal frame that makes it easy to move about and transport. It features a black-colored high-quality ramp along with a tough 1/2″ double-sided laminated thick black backboard fitted with two durable 12” steel-rimmed nylon net hoops. It has a dimension of 38” x 51” x 90” and weighs 50 pounds.

The LED scoring system ensures accurate scoring. The folding design makes it easy to store. It is powered by 3 AA batteries that give you an authentic game clock, buzzer and scoring system. This gaming unit is one of the best basketball arcade games designed for indoor use.

Keep practicing your shooting technique with the 7 premium quality rubber balls included and see your skill-set improve. The rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars in Amazon makes it the Best Gaming Tables for Home.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • 8 gaming options
  • Easy to fold and stored
  • Durable and rust-resistant frame
  • Includes a game clock and buzzer
  • LED scoring system for accurate scorekeeping
  • NA

#6 Nova Microdermabrasion Foldable Indoor Basketball Arcade Game

Nova Microdermabrasion Foldable Indoor Basketball Arcade GameIf you are looking for a basketball arcade game then this Nova Microdermabrasion Foldable Indoor Basketball Arcade Game should be your pick as it’s quick-connect frame makes it easier to set up. Here, most of the pipes are pre-assembled and therefore it takes hardly 3 minutes.

This the frame of this 8 in 1 Indoor Basketball Arcade Game is made of sturdy 0.86″ steel tubes having a powder-coated finish that saves it from any chipping and rusting. The steel braces used to support the steel rims allows it to withstand quick-playing actions. The game weighs only 2,205 pounds

The ramp cloth is black in color with a 3/8″ thick MDF backboard that is blue in color. Both, together with the steel frame make the game durable and stable.

The 2 Player Basketball Arcade Game comes with 2 hoops allowing you to easily complete with your friends and family. This game features an electronic scoreboard with an attractive dual LED display. The infrared sensors on the scoreboard provide a 100% accurate score.

The real-life sound effects along with the electronic buzzer bring about a stadium-like ambience. The collapsible frame helps you store it easily. The pack comes with a total of 4 basketballs that makes playing fun.

The unbelievable price of XX$ in Amazon has helped the arcade game to make its place in every popular Basketball Arcade Game Review.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Space-saving design
  • Durable construction
  • A budget-friendly price
  • Fit for both indoors and outdoors
  • Electronic buzzer for the real feel
  • Features a dual shot-design and collapsible frame
  • A built-in electronic LED scoring board with infrared sensor
  • Poor quality net
  • Difficult to install

#7 Lifetime 90648 Double Shot Deluxe Indoor Basketball Hoop Arcade Game

Lifetime 90648 Double Shot Deluxe Indoor Basketball Hoop Arcade GameIf you like to try out new games every time then this Lifetime 90648 Double Shot Deluxe Indoor Basketball Hoop Arcade Game with 12 gaming options should serve you fine. It offers you different ways to compete and have fun.

This arcade game is constructed of high-quality powder-coated steel and black heavy-duty nylon. The tough medium-density backboard is also black. This 80 pounds item has a dimension of 90 x 51 x 90 inches. The two basketball hoops feature a 12-inch frame through which the balls can pass through easily.

The digital scoreboard allows you to keep track of your score against your opponent. The scoreboard displays three-digit scores so that you can keep scoring high without worrying about losing track. There is a front-mounted controller in this Basketball Hoop Arcade Game that helps you to easily switch between the 12 games.

At the end of each round, a loud buzzer will sound will beep. A beep sound is also played when someone scores a point to give you the real feel. The game features adjustable height and you can fold and store it whenever not in use.

The pack includes 6 balls in total. The score of 4.5 out of 5 stars in Amazon makes it the best Basketball Arcade Game today.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Includes 6 balls
  • Adjustable height
  • Tough construction
  • Rust-resistant finish
  • Three-digit scoreboard
  • With real-life sound effects
  • Rust-resistant finish
  • Three-digit scoreboard
  • Setup takes time

#8 Giantex Foldable Basketball Arcade Game

Giantex Foldable Basketball Arcade GameThis Foldable Basketball Arcade Game by Giantex comes with 8 gaming options that you can easily set with the controller. There is also a manual provided guiding you thoroughly on how to play each game.

This frame of this folding arcade game is made of sturdy powder-coated iron tube that can last for years. The ramp is black in color with a white-colored high-quality MDF backboard that provides a good rebound base and helps you play realistic shots. There are nets on both the side that blocks the balls from flying off.

It features a dual shooting system with 2 big-sized 12″ diameter iron hoops allowing multiple players to participate. The pack comes with 4 premium quality rubber basketballs for instant fun. There is this infrared optional sensor that automatically senses the balls and provides an accurate scoring.

The built-in arcade sound creates a competitive atmosphere. The foldable frame allows you to store it almost in any corner. It is ideal for both kids and adults.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Features 8 different games
  • Folding space-saving design
  • Comes with 4 basketballs and a pump
  • Infrared sensor providing accurate scores on a digital display
  • Comes with 4 basketballs and a pump
  • A bit difficult to set up alone
  • Quite bulky, hence not fit for small rooms

#9 Harvil Double-Swish Electronic Basketball Game

Harvil Double-Swish Electronic Basketball GameHarvil that is known to design some of the best sports items in the USA, has come up with this exclusively designed Double-Swish Electronic Basketball Game.

This electronic basketball arcade game is made of powder-coated steel tube frame portraying a black sand finish. The backboard is also made of sturdy wood with a wood finish. The 3-ply ramp cloth also prominently features a ball return design similar to that of a wooden floor of basketball. The game has a dimension of 81 x 41 x 81 inches and weighs around 46.3 pounds.

It features 8 games in total with an electronic scoreboard. Its folding design makes it ideal for indoor use. The wires of this electronic game are hidden for added safety. There are two steel hoops in total to help you play a competitive game.

The pack includes 6 basketballs each of 7-inch. All you have to do is follow the manual to set up the game fast. The rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars in Amazon makes it the most worth-mentioning Basketball Arcade Game that you can let your hands on.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Folding save-saving design
  • Durable 3-ply return ramp cloth
  • Excellent design with a natural finish
  • Comes with 6 basketballs along with an inflation pump
  • Height is not adjustable
  • Assembly can be a little tricky
  • The scoring sensors can come off
  • The net quality could have been better

#10 EastPoint Sports 3-in-1 Shoot, Pitch, Pass (Indoor Basketball, Football, and Baseball) Gaming Center

EastPoint Sports 3 in 1 Indoor Basketball Game ArcadeAre you in search of a multi-playing gaming center than you should try out this EastPoint Sports 3-in-1 Gaming Center.

This lightweight arcade game is made of a plastic frame, black-colored ramp fabric and a blue and black colored backboard. There are two hoops that make it ideal for 2 players. The product weighs only 45 pounds. This arcade basketball includes 8 great gaming modes with an automatic LED scoring system and sound.

You can fold and keep it when not in use. It includes 8 balls, a pump, tools and instruction manual. This 3-in-1 Gaming Center offers a big playing experience.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Sturdy build
  • 8 gaming modes
  • Easy to assemble
  • LED scoring system
  • Space occupying
  • Cheap backboard
  • Balls are of poor quality

#3 Conclusion

There is a high possibility that you would be purchasing the basketball arcade games for the first time. So, in that case, you should go through our article in details that will not only guide you on what are the basic factors you should keep in mind while making your purchase but also the review of the above products will help you take the right decision as to which one will prove to be the best choice for you considering your requirements.


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