TOP 10 Best Carrom Foosball Table to Buy in 2020


Best Carrom Foosball Table : A foosball game is an intense and competitive game that is great fun to play involving a minimum of two players. Due to the increasing popularity of the game foosball tables are in high demand and the manufacturers are producing more of these gaming tables with the latest exciting features.

Carrom is one of the List of Top Rated Foosball Table manufacturing companies producing gaming equipment. It started manufacturing foosball tables dating back to the early 1900s and today it is known for offering some of the best quality foosball tables.

If you are planning to buy a Carrom foosball table there are many important factors that need to consider. For your convenience, in this article, we have reviewed most of the products with a rating between 4 and 4.5.

Best Carrom Foosball Table Reviews

#1 Things to Consider Before Buying Best Carrom Foosball Table

If you go through a good Carrom Foosball Table Reviews you will have a clear idea of the factors you need to consider while buying the table. Some of these have been highlighted below:

Size – A full-sized foosball table should be ideally having a playing area of 7 by 8 feet including the protruding playing rods and space for the persons to move around. So, always match the size of your room where you intend to place the table with the size of the table you are planning to buy.

Material – Foosball tables can be made of three different materials namely solid wood, particle boards and composite. The ones made of wood are durable and hence expensive. But the ones made of particle boards are less expensive but of poor quality. What you would select entirely depends on the specification you are looking for and your budget.

The rods – An ideal foosball table should have triple chrome-plated steel rods that not only make them durable but also easy to clean. Also handle grips at the end of the rods makes them smooth to operate. In case you need to change the rods over the time always go for original Carrom Foosball Table Replacement Parts.

Configuration of the goalie – This factor varies from one foosball table to another. Some may have a single goalie while some have even three goalies. Some tables are also convertible where the configuration can be changed from 3 to 1 and vice versa. You can choose the configuration as per your preference and skills. For best results, you also need to use Best Foosball Brands.

#2 Best Carrom Foosball Table Reviews 2020

#1 Carrom Signature Foosball Table

Carrom Signature Foosball Table This Carrom Signature Foosball Table will prove to be a sophisticated addition to your gaming room.

This 56-inch table comes in a burr oak shade with black legs. It is made of the highest quality materials and is tested for durability. The printed surface is water-resistant and lends it an ultimate professional look.

It features premium octagonal wood handles that offer good control of the rods while playing. The counterbalanced players have cross-hatch toe design to help you get the perfect shot. There is a high impact ball returns at each end ensuring that you don’t need to look for the balls here and there, after every shot.

The traditional wooden scoring system makes it easy to keep track of the score. The table comes with heavy miter-fold black vinyl legs and two-inch chrome leg support bars making it highly durable. The triple chrome plated leg levelers ensure an even playing surface. While Playing Foosball you must have realized the importance of a leveled surface.

The review of around 72 users in Amazon makes this Carrom Sports Foosball Table most popular.

  • Leg levelers
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Built-in cup holders
  • Ball entry cups on each side
  • Water-resistant playing surface
  • Traditional wooden scoring beads
  • Octagonal wood handles for better control
  • The playing field is not tightly secured

#2 Carrom 750.20 Agean Foosball Table

Carrom 750.20 Agean Foosball Table This Carrom 750.20 Agean Foosball Table is a perfect blend of classic and stylish design that accommodates the latest features.

This 54-inch foosball table comes in a combination of green and black. It is made of a 1-inch-thick Agean Green Melamine cabinet and the 0.375-inch green playing surface features enamel screen-printed graphics.

Its triple-chrome-plated steel rods are cushioned with rubber handles to help you better control. The players are hand-painted with accurate ball control feet.

The corner ramps check the foosball from drifting into the corners while playing. The high-impact plastic ball return helps in easy collection of the ball. The heavy miter-fold black vinyl legs come with leg levelers for maintaining an even surface.

If you are a foosball lover and planning to get a coffee table for your TV room, then you can opt for a Coffee Foosball Table that will serve both the purposes.

  • Highly stable
  • Smooth playing surface
  • It supports 1-goalie or 3-goalie play
  • Players have accurate ball control feet
  • The vinyl legs have leg levelers offering an even surface
  • Triple-chrome-plated steel rods with cushioned rubber handles
  • Takes time to assemble
  • Not able to bump the ball off the wall

#3 Carrom 521.00 Signature Foosball Table (Agean Fresco)

Carrom 521.00 Signature Foosball Table If you are looking for a really sturdy foosball table then this Carrom 521.00 Signature Foosball Table can be a great choice.

This 55-inch high-quality table comes in a green and black color. Its reinforced play surface offers a flat field ensuring consistent ball roll without any the warping effect. It comes with superior quality triple chrome-plated steels rods having stay-true rod bearings to improve the speed and act as a self-lubricating agent.

There is a set of quality counterbalanced players featuring cross-hatch toe design offering superior control. The wood bead scoring helps in keeping track of the actual score. The cup holders and corner covers offer convenience and safety.

The legs of the table are secured with double bolting and include both chrome support bars and leg levelers for added durability and stability. In case you want to check out some other reputed brands, then you can take a look at the Tornado Foosball Tables Features & Specification.

  • Durable table
  • Wood bead scoring system
  • Triple chrome-plated steels rods
  • A flat field for consistent ball roll
  • Includes cup holders with corner covers
  • Legs feature chrome support bars and levelers
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Handles are of poor quality

#4 Carrom Signature Foosball – Pre-Assembled

Carrom Signature Foosball - Pre-Assembled If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of assembling, then you should get home this Carrom Signature Foosball as it comes pre-assembled.

This black and Moroccan colored Carrom 530 Signature Foosball Table has a size of 55-inch. Its reinforced playing surface ensures consistent ball roll. The triple chrome plated rods with stay-true bearings makes it smooth to operate. The wooden handles with octagonal construction at the end of the rods improve the control.

Its players are counterbalanced featuring a cross-hatched toe design with one or three goalies options. The double bolted legs feature chrome support bars and leg levelers offering extra stability and a leveled surface. The set includes 6 balls and 4 attachable drink holders.

  • Includes 6 balls
  • Heavy-duty table
  • Comes preassembled
  • Counterbalanced players
  • Cup-holders for your beverage
  • A reinforced smooth playing surface
  • Octagonal wooden handles for increased control
  • Legs with chrome support bars and leg levelers
  • Expensive

#5 Carrom Preassembled Foosball Table, Burr Oak

Carrom Preassembled Foosball Table, Burr Oak When you are looking for a quality foosball table to spend some quality time with your family and friends then you should get this Carrom Preassembled Foosball Table.

This 55-inch foosball table is burr oak in color with black legs. Its cabinet design makes it highly durable. The triple chrome-plated rods come with soft rubber handle grips for easy movement of the handles.

It has a 1-man and 2-man or 3-man goalie setup that increases the difficulty level. The convenient ball entry cups on each side save you from the trouble of hunting for the balls.

Its small size suits the need of both the game room and office room. This Carrom Foosball Table is highly affordable as it is priced at only XXX$ in Amazon.

Like Carrom, even the Kick Foosball Tables Models are also gaining huge popularity nowadays.

  • Includes 6 balls
  • Durable cabinet design
  • Can be set up for one or three goalie play
  • The triple chrome-plated rods ensures durability
  • Soft rubber handle grips for easy movement of handles
  • Legs are not adjustable
  • Quite heavy in weight thus difficult to transfer
  • Not suitable for tournament play but great for a family game

#6 Carrom Foosball Table, Wild Cherry Laminate

Carrom Foosball Table, Wild Cherry Laminate Its high time to distract your child’s attention from the smart devices and involve him or her in some competitive games. So get this Carrom Foosball Table and bring out a major change in the lifestyle of today’s generation.

This 55-inch composite table comes in attractive wild cherry color. Its triple chrome-plated steel rods are protected with rubber handles. The rods come with stay-true rod bearings that lubricate them and improve the speed of the shots.

The realistic players make the game even more interesting. Being preassembled saves you from the hassle of building and start playing at the earliest. Covering Your Foosball Table helps in improving the longevity of the table.

  • Preassembled
  • Includes six balls
  • Cabinet style design
  • Features realistic players
  • 90 Day limited manufacturers
  • Triple chrome-plated steel rods
  • No leg levelers

#3 Conclusion

Choosing a foosball table entirely depends on the capacity of your family and their requirement. If they demand an advanced high-end model, you need to consider the space limit and definitely your budget.

Always go for a model that is comfortable to play and safe. For this, you need to identify the best features and make your purchase based on that.


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