TOP 10 Best Folding Poker Table Reviews


If you are getting the chance to host a poker night, you would not prefer to resemble a joker—disregard managing and paying onto a similar kitchen table where you have breakfast. Regardless of whether it’s a folding poker table or an oak show-stopper, you need the right surface to coordinate the event.

The right poker table vehicles players to an alternate world: the distant rooms of Vegas and Monaco, Atlantic City, and Macau. Break out the whiskey, the stogies, and the deck of cards—it’s an ideal opportunity to bet everything with one of our picks for the twelve best poker tables to purchase in 2020.

Best Folding Poker Table Reviews

#1 Things to Consider before Buying Best Folding Portable Poker Table

Size of the Room – One of the essential variables to consider is space accessibility. Instead of purchasing at home poker tables, have an unpleasant gauge of the assigned room where the table will be set.

This will help decide the specific size of the poker table you have to fit in the given region. It’s likewise prescribed to permit surplus space for extra furnishings and simple moving while at the same time playing.

Usage Frequency – How frequently do you play poker in seven days? For infrequent game evenings, the ideal choice is an a2-in1 poker table, which can be helpfully changed to a moment poker entryway. When not being used, the card table can be utilized for feasting with no issue and no wreck. For a customary week after week games, you may select to put resources into a strong furniture-style as a more advantageous other option.

The board’s surface – The principal surface of the poker table has an assortment of types and characteristics. Experienced players enthusiastically suggest speed-felt material texture. In any case, you may likewise pick fleece or plush felt relying upon your inclination. Make certain to pick a poker table that is tough and hard-wearing.

Game Style – Before searching for good poker tables available to be purchased on the web, consider the style of poker game, you and your pack generally play. Keep in mind, each sort of table is made for a particular sort of poker. Some are exceptionally made for a 7-Card Stud while different tables are principally expected for Texas Holdem poker.

Also, consider the size of your poker posse. If you want to play with under ten individuals, at that point, one poker table would be sufficient. Else, you may need to purchase an additional table for a multi-table poker rivalry.

Additional Features – It’s likewise essential to think about the stylish allure of your picked poker table. Extra credits like in vogue logos and graphics, table hues, and in any event, coordinating seats are viewed as additional treats. You would need to ensure that such extra highlights would emphasize your table and room.

There’s a wide scope of poker tables available to be purchased in the market – collapsing, rollout and table clincher, folding and lasting. Make sure to pick a superb quality table that would best fulfill your inclinations.

#2 Best Folding Poker Table Reviews 2020

Preview Product Rating Price
Barrington 10 Player Poker Table 82 x 44 Barrington 10 Player Poker Table 82 x 44 133 Reviews $279.00

#1 Fat Cat Casino Game Folding Poker Table

Fat Cat Casino Game Folding Poker Table

The Fat Cat Texas Hold-Em poker table is made of sturdy and long-lasting steel, beginning at the foundation. Strong enough to last, and light enough for anywhere to be carried.

This fat cat Texas Hold’em folding Poker Table is fitted with a poker-grade green felt surface that is card and dice-friendly. It can fit ten participants, making it ideal for a night poker or other casino game.

The table control suspension device goes up from there, ensuring that your board can no longer wobble until completely established, a must while hosting long gaming nights of greatness. It is also fitted for functionality with a padded rail with drink holders for each player.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Very stable
  • Fits a large number
  • folding poker tables
  • It is soft and water-resistant
  • Very stylish and has good strength
  • 47 pounds and is lightweight compared to other
  • Cup holders are not sturdy

#2 Giantex Poker Foldable Blackjack Table

Giantex Poker Foldable Blackjack Table

For performance and toughness, with a real casino feel, the poker table features a sturdy MDF panel with steel legs. This table will seat up to 8 members, and 8 drinks are allowed.
The reinforced armrest of the player role covers the bench, offering plenty of comforts.

It has 8 cup holders for all the players around the table, sturdy enough to help you avoid spilling your refreshment over the folding poker tabletop.

It is probably the best folding Octagon Poker Table. There is a chip tray in the middle, which will not let the table become dirty.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Easily portable
  • Has good stability
  • Not too fancy

#3 Barrington 10 Player Foldable Poker Table

Barrington 10 Player Foldable Poker Table

The tabletop is made up of high-grade sienna felt, close to what is used in tables of casino quality. For convenience during long matches, it also includes an extra thick armrest. The 10 cup holders of inlaid metal help to keep the table tidy and ordered.

For space-saving storage, it folds in half, and its compact size makes it easy to slip under a bed or bring into a closet, and is quite an Affordable Poker Table as well.

Fitted high quality felt along with specific spots for the Hold’Em cards. The lettering that is done on the table is beautiful and also not raised, which will let the cards slide easily.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Has high quality felt
  • Comes already assembled
  • Standard size cup holders
  • Good for 6-8 players

#4 Trademark Texas Poker Table Top with Cupholders

Trademark Texas Poker Table Top with Cupholders

The heavy-duty nylon/vinyl carrying bag and a double strap handle for comfortable transport are Trademark Texas Holdem folding tabletop in green color. Poker table top folding features convenient cup holders to keep the drinks close throughout the game.

Includes heavy-duty, nylon/vinyl carrying bag with a double strap handle.

Made up of foam and felt tabletop, it has water-resistant padding, which makes it comfortable to play for long hours. It has a casino quality felt material and brings more enjoyment while playing.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight table
  • Has good structure
  • Has stable cup holders
  • Packaging might not be nice

#5 Jungle Folding Portable Poker Table

JungleA Folding Portable Poker Table

The Jungle folding portable poker table has a 3 fold design, which makes it easier to store. It can be stored anywhere, be it the back of your car, cupboards, or under the bed.
The table can accommodate 8 players and is the best to spend quality time with your family members and close friends.

It has nice padding to provide comfort and arm-rest while playing. It can sometimes be of octagon poker table shape. Made up of solid wood and has good quality green cloth on the tabletop and provides great casino experience.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable
  • octagonal design
  • Beneficial for playing with many people
  • It has a 3 fold or may sometimes have an Contains good quality wood and felt material
  • Sometimes may not have nice packaging

#6 KARMAS PRODUCT Leisure Game Octagonal Table

KARMAS PRODUCT Leisure Game Octagonal Table

An 8 player octagon folding poker table which has cup holders to make it easier to have some refreshments and play. It has beautiful prints that include cards, making it convenient for players to know where the cards should be kept and how they should be played.

It has metal legs, and that makes it sturdier. The installation is easy, and the legs can be folded, making it more convenient to store at any place. Made of felt desktop, padded armrest, cup holders, metal legs, etc.

After the installation, it becomes a poker table with folding legs.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Steady and strong
  • Provides arm-rest, cup holders
  • The best part is it has metal legs
  • Folding legs are not sturdy enough

#7 LUCKYERMORE Folding Poker Table Top

LUCKYERMORE Folding Poker Table Top

Luckyermore folding poker table is so convenient that you will look for it when it comes to playing uninterrupted games as it has a smooth tabletop such that the cards will slide easily across the table.

It has strong legs and padded, soft arm-rest that gives comfort to the players while playing. Folding design makes this poker table more convenient for those who do not have a lot of storage space.

It is separated from a poker table top, which makes it more convenient to carry it to any place, and good for more people to play together, enjoy the poker night with your friends.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Stable legs
  • Smooth tabletop
  • Great comfortable space to play in
  • Might feel heavy

#8 PEXMOR Folding Play Poker Table with Chip

PEXMOR Folding Play Poker Table with Chip

Like any other folding poker table, it is foldable, but the best part of this particular one is it is made with a sturdy MDF top and powder-coated steel legs, which help to bear the high pressure that people put on the board.

The table is foldable, which allows you to carry it easily for having fun playing cards with friends. It is designed to fit up to 7 players to play poker together, which is practicable for family use or other occasions like bachelor’s night and team building, offering you and your friend’s great leisure time.

Compared with others’ plastic shallow cup holders, the table is designed with deeper stainless steel holders for putting the bottles or paper cups in the holder more safely. It ensures that we could enjoy the cool drinks when having exciting poker games.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Bears high pressure
  • More comfortable arm-rest
  • Best for spending time with close ones
  • Has a shallow cup holder place

#9 Livebest Poker Table with Metal Steel Leg

Livebest Poker Table with Metal Steel Leg

The best sturdy poker table needed when you host parties or go to your friend’s home for having fun is the LiveBest. Consists of strong metal legs which won’t let the table wobble while playing and keep it steady.

Like all the other poker tables, it has in-built cup holders, making it convenient for players to keep their drinks there so that they don’t come on the way while playing and keep the place tidy.

New sturdy design with thicker wood and strong metal legs that fold for easy storage. It is provided with 8 player’s seats with individual cup holders and a convenient place to store drinks. Great for any occasion!

This game table is surrounded by pre-covered spongy pads that keep your arms from turning numb and sour even if you hold them in one position for a long time. The felt desktop reduces the sound when items fall, and the green color can calm players down and protect their eyes.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to play with
  • Sometimes it may not have nice packaging

#10 Triton Premium Folding Poker Table

Triton Premium Folding Poker Table

The layout of the folding poker table is based on your experience. The table is foldable, which helps you to conveniently take it with you to parties or the house of friends. The edge of the poker table is tenderly padded, providing easy hand or body reclining support.

Let gamers relax their arms and hands on the table conveniently during play. Integrated-in cup holders keep the felt layer away from the sweaty glasses and bottles without depriving guests of refreshment.

Interchangeable MATS are also allowed along with comfortable arm-rest for making players play the game more conveniently.

Triton Folding poker table comes fully assembled and folds into place in a matter of seconds. It unfolds with little effort and is very easy to play with.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Durable
  • Comfortable armrests
  • Has interchangeable mats
  • Steady and steel cup holders
  • Costly
  • Might come with bad packaging

#3 Conclusion:

Now, we have suggested you all types of folding poker tables and have given the best folding poker table reviews as of 2020, along with all the best folding poker tabletops.

Hosting a party at home, along with poker, will bring the charm of its own, and the parties wouldn’t be boring anymore. Choose the one from the tables mentioned above that will suit you the best and enjoy the get-togethers!


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