How to Make Sure you are Playing with Best Foosball Balls?


Best Foosball Balls : Table football that is also known as table soccer is basically a table-top game based somewhat on football. Just like football, even here the objective of the game is to move the ball into the goal of the opponent team by operating the rods that have figures attached to them. Here, the foosball balls play a vital role. In this article, we will discuss a bit in detail about the foosball balls.

#1 What are Foosball Balls?

The balls are an essential part of the game foosball. We should never underestimate the role of a ball while playing this game. They come in different materials and textures which affect the speed of the game and also the control level on the foosball men.

If you pick the ball with the wrong texture, it will affect your skill level. So it is very important to decide on which one suits your specific needs from a range of Best Foosball Balls. In case you have a limited understanding of the different options available this guide of ours will prove to be helpful.

How to Make Sure you are Playing with Best Foosball Balls

#2 Types of Foosball Balls

There are various types of foosball table balls available, few of them have been discussed below:

Traditional foosball balls – These balls resemble the look of a real soccer ball and therefore come in a black and white. They are made of hard plastic with engraved black parts to get that soccer ball look. On hitting the surface they make a loud noise. The size of these traditional foosball balls varies in size.

Smooth foosball balls – These foosball balls are plain white in color and are better than the soccer ball designs that are available in the market. They have a smooth surface and are therefore difficult to hold and also hard to stop on the table surface. Its really difficult to try any trick with this ball. This is not a very preferable choice.

Cork foosball balls – These balls are completely different from the first two types. These are designed specifically for the European style. They had gained huge popularity in the 80s and 90s. These balls can be halted easily and are also easy to control. You can improve your football tricks with this type of ball. It produces a thud sound on hitting the surface of the table and are more favorable than the plastic balls.

Textured foosball balls – These are European style textured balls used for the American style game. The American style game is a fast-paced game aimed at scoring. Textured foosball balls fall someway in between the smooth balls and cork balls as they are not only easy to stop and control but are also a great option for the fast-paced game. This type of ball is highly popular in the USA and used for playing tournaments.

#3 Things to Consider before Buying Best Foosball Balls

Age of the player – This is one of the primary things to be considered. If your child is matured enough and used to playing outdoor foosball, then you need to go for sturdy balls that would last long.

The reason behind these is, these children who are used to playing outdoor foosball tend to hit balls with full strength which can easily damage the balls and hence need to be changed frequently. Also, if they are habituated playing outdoors they have a tendency to lose a couple of balls.

Duration – The next important thing you should consider is the length of the game-play and how often you play the game. The more you play the chances of the balls getting damaged is higher thus requiring constant replacement.

So, here you need to focus on the quality of the ball. If you play for long hours or frequently you should go for good quality balls. Also, in such cases, you better not opt for Cheap Foosball Tables. Using Foosball Wraps will also provide you the required comfort.

Size of the foosball balls – Always ensure that you get the right foosball ball size which suits your game style. The size is really important. Of you land up selecting the wrong size your entire game will be unsettled. Different style games require different ball sizes.

Expensive ball – As we all know price is directly proportional to the quality. If you invest in expensive balls, they will last longer. Studies say the Traditional Foosball Ball usually lasts for a couple of months while the Cork Ball may last a little shorter than a month. The best thing to do is to buy a set of balls.

By buying a pack of 2, 4 or 8 balls you can save on money rather than buying one by one. Buying in sets also ensures that you have some spare balls. Apart from good quality balls, you should also invest in other Foosball Accessories for best results.

Pick good brands – When you are not sure about which brand goes for always take a look at the ITSF official web-page and to check if the brand or type of the ball you are thinking of buying is on their list. This will give you satisfactory results.

Playing Human Foosball is another way you can enjoy this game in an outdoor form.

#4 Where to Buy Foosball Balls?

If you look around, Foosball Balls can be found in any big store in almost any country. This ratio may be higher in the USA, than in Europe. Still, you will always find foosball balls online irrespective of wherever you are.

Today, the Amazon website is considered as the largest online store where you will get authentic products. You can also consider buying from Walmart which is a big player in terms of online shopping.

Since the market is flooded with a lot of replicas you should always make your purchase from these reputed sites to be sure of the authenticity. If you have decided on a brand, you can also opt to buy from their official website where you can be sure of the quality.

If you want to get the foosball balls at a reasonable cost then you should make your purchase when the websites offer them at discounted prices. When you get such good deals always invest on sets of balls so that you stay equipped.

#5 Best Foosball Balls Reviews 2020

#1 Colonel Pickles Novelties Foosball Table Replacement Foosballs

Colonel Pickles Novelties Foosball Table Replacement...
  • 14 BALL ACCESSORY SET – More Balls Equals More Non-Stop...
  • PREMIUM DESIGN – Durable High Quality Plastic For...
  • AUTHENTIC BLACK & WHITE PATTERN – Intentioned Construction...

This set of foosball balls by Colonel Pickles Novelties comes in a pack of 14 balls which means it has 2 balls more than the regular packs. The foosball balls are made of high-quality durable plastic which is much better than the low-grade foam balls.

It comes in a traditional black and white pattern that resembles a soccer ball. The size of 36mm diameter is ideal for most single as well as multi-game standard foosball tables. They are constructed in such a way that the balls can aim, hit and score well. These foosball balls are most suitable for Tornado Sports Foosball Table.

Their texture is just ideal for the gameplay. They work as an ideal replacement of overused and weathered foosball balls. The price of X.XX$ in Amazon is one of the most competitive prices you will come across for a set of 14 foosball balls.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Includes 14 balls
  • Made of high-quality durable plastic
  • The size that fits all standard foosball tables
  • 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
  • NA

#2 Table Soccer Foosballs Replacements Mini Black and White Soccer Balls

Table Soccer Foosballs Replacements Mini Black and White...
  • Keep the fun table games going with these replacement...
  • Have these essential soccer ball birthday party supplies...
  • Pair these fun sports balls with other novelty toys, DIY art...

If you are crazy about soccer or foosball then you would love to own this pack of cute foosball balls that comes in a combination of black and white resembling that of a traditional soccer ball. This pack of 12 foosball balls is brought to you by Super Z Outlet.

These high-quality and durable mini table soccer balls come in a size of 36mm diameter that works perfectly for most standard foosball tables. Each ball weighs around 24 grams. Use them as replacements in your foosball game to ensure that you can continue gaming. These are most ideal balls for Foosball Tables made by Kick.

Apart from being used as a foosball ball, you can also use them as party favors for kids or distribute them as gifts for prizes of outdoor games in carnivals. Being reviewed by 243 customers in Amazon, we can say that this product is highly popular.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comes in a standard size
  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Not fit for all foosball tables
  • The black color comes off and leaves marks on the table

#3 Qtimal Table Soccer Foosballs Replacement Balls

Qtimal Table Soccer Foosballs Replacement Balls, Mini...
  • Nice Color: This 14 pack foosballs set contains 7...
  • Premium Quality: Made from high quality ABS. Hard and not...
  • Standard Size: Measuring 36mm (1.4") in diameter and weight...

If colors fascinate you, then this pack of 14 multi-colored foosball balls by Qtimal will surely be able to impress you.

Being made of high-quality ABS plastic they are very much durable. The pack contains a set of 7 colors of 2 each and the shades of which will never fade away. The variety of colors includes blue, purple, black, wine, yellow, orange and green. The engraved soccer design gives them an attractive look. Being multicolored it increases the interest of the games amongst kids.

Each ball has a diameter of 36mm and weight 24 grams. This size makes them fit for almost all foosball tables of standard size. So, order this pack today so that you have a set of replacement balls ready with you while indulging in the foosball game. To enjoy unlimited fun you can get any of the Best Budget Foosball Tables.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Made of high-quality ABS plastic
  • Fit for all standard foosball tables
  • 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
  • Available in 7 different colors with a total of 14 balls
  • The superior printing surface ensures that the color doesn’t fade off
  • NA

#4 Colonel Pickles Novelties Foosball Table Replacement Foosballs

Colonel Pickles Novelties Foosball Table Replacement...
  • 14 BALL ACCESSORY BULK SET – More Balls Means More Endless...
  • COMPETITIVE DESIGN – Durable High Quality Plastic For A...
  • CUSTOM MULTI COLORED PATTERN – Intentioned Construction...

Since the pack contains 14 balls it ensures unlimited fun as your game will go on and on. These competitively designed balls are made of high-quality plastic that makes them long-lasting.

The attractive balls come in 7 different shades of white, blue, yellow, green, wine, orange and purple. The diameter of 36mm makes them ideal for any standard sized table. The balls offer improved resistance so that you get to aim, hit and score better.

The rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars in Amazon makes them one of the most sought-after products in the market. So, if you are soccer enthusiastic get rid of the low-quality foam balls and order this pack today.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Perfect size for standard tables
  • 100% satisfaction money back guarantee
  • Available in a pack of 14 balls of 7 different colors
  • NA

#5 OuMuaMua Table Soccer Foosballs

OuMuaMua 9pcs Foosball Table Balls 1.42 Inch Table Soccer...
  • TABLE FOOSBALL: These foosballs are provided for indoor...
  • 9 VIBRANT COLORS FOOSBALL: These foosballs feature with...
  • PROPER WEIGHT AND SIZE: Each tabletop soccer ball weighs...

These balls by OuMuaMua are specially designed for soccer foosball tables. These balls have been tested and proved to balance and circled with perfection.

They are made of high-quality plastic that doesn’t break or chip. This makes them sturdy and lasts for years. This pack includes a set of 9 soccer pattern balls in different attractive colors of green, blue, yellow, orange, red, black, purple in a combination with white and dark red and yellow in a combination with black.

Each ball has a diameter of 1.42 inches and weighs around weighs 0.85oz.
Due to that extra bit of weight, they don’t fly off the table and also produce a nice sound when they hit the table surface. But their standard size ensures that they fit every table.

The rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars in Amazons speaks of their popularity. Just get them home today as an addition to your foosball table and keep enjoying the game continuously with your friends and family.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Stays on the table
  • Size fits all standard table
  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Comes in 9 attractive colors
  • Comes with a 30-days refund guarantee
  • NA

#6 Conclusion

In order to experience a great indoor foosball match, you need to have the right table, accessories and most importantly, the right ball. For smooth playing, you should ensure that you consider all the above factors while selecting the foosball ball and replace them as and when required. Always remember a foosball ball is marked both by its quality and quantity.


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