TOP 10 Best Foosball Table Brands in 2020


Best Foosball Tables Brands

Best Foosball Table Brands : If you take interest in Foosball, then you will see that there are a number of manufactures designing Foosball tables in today’s market. When it comes to selecting a particular brand, you should always focus on the popularity of the brand and check if it matches your requirements. Before buying a Foosball table you should be aware that the three popular makes of Foosball table are French, America and German where each type addresses different skill levels.

American tables are designed to play faster and some even feature three goalies, German tables are popular for softer foosmen and the French tables are known for heavier men and a softer ball. In this article, we will discuss some of the Best Foosball Tables Brands that you can consider purchasing to keep up your craze for playing Foosball.

#1 Best Foosball Table Brands

#1 Tornado

It is true that there are a number of brands in today’s market, but Tornado has always been considered as one of the trusted names when it comes to Foosball tables. Whenever you check the list of the Best Foosball Tables Brands Tornado will always be a part of it. They have been in this field ever since 1999.

The Foosball Tables Made by Tornado are the official tables of sports and used in the World Championships. Every Tornado Foosball Table is created in the American style based on control and power. They allow fast-paced games.

#2 Kick

This is a 25-year company formed by a veteran Foosball enthusiast. It took him years of research and development to come up with a new product line. You will find them constantly innovating their products. A Kick Foosball Table comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

The Foosball Tables Made by Kick is known for its quality, different styles and sensible pricing. They offer you a quality product which is easy to assemble. Their basic aim is to provide quality Foosball tables at the most reasonable rate.

#3 Hathaway

The brand Hathaway is a part of a larger company Blue Wave Products. It has been a player in the field of recreation business. Each Hathaway Foosball Table portrays a perfect blend of old-craftsmanship with modern machinery and ultimately achieves superior construction quality. This brand is known for its game room products.

It has not only successfully made its position in the List of Top Rated Foosball Tables on the Market but is also one of the fastest-growing brands in the industry in terms of game room products. In spite of being sleek, their foosball tables are extremely sturdy. Every player has been balanced carefully to ensure that they offer optimum performance.

It is practically a department store level manufacturer that is currently into the manufacturing of 5 different foosball table models.

#4 Rally and Roar

The mission of this brand is to offer a variety of fun-filled and challenging games that can be played both indoors or outdoors. Unlike most foosball tables these are designed strictly for fun. Rally and Roar Foosball Tables are mostly designed as tabletop models of quality design. Even their full-sized tables leave sufficient space in the room.

#5 Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products defines a new range of online products that focuses on the customer’s need and savings. They are trying to bring a revolution in the world of online retail. The Best Choice Products Foosball Table brand ensures that your shopping experience does not lead to compromise on quality or value.

They try and offer the customers the best both every time. They are an expert in this industry. Each product is a result of their in-depth market research and reflects the passion behind. It is one of the Best Foosball Tables Brands that take pride in a variety of categories and selections.


The Foosball tables of ESPN are a perfect combination of quality, class and craftsmanship. ESPN Foosball Table brings you all types of professional foosball tables where you get to enjoy your game with friends and family members. This brand offers a list of absorbing features that makes it one of the Best Foosball Tables Brands in the market. Their gaming table proves to be a great addition to the gaming room of those who choose foosball as their favorite sport.

They design standard foosball tables that serve the purpose of players of all levels and also depend on how well they can relate to the game. Once you experience, you will love all the fantastic features of the ESPN Foosball Table. Their design and appearance are absolutely attention-grabbing.

#7 Warrior

Warrior is one of the competitive brands in today’s market that has left behind a lasting impression in the community of Foosball. With the success of his initial company Warrior Custom Golf, the founder, Brendan Flaherty, who was also a Foosball player and an enthusiast, formed a secondary company named Warrior Table Soccer. Today it is known for manufacturing some of the Best Foosball Tables Models in the United States.

Warrior designs some of the perfectly counterbalanced foosmen whose feet have an excellent grip on all sides. The foosball has been manufactured in such a way that it can bounce from one player to other player in a perfectly streamlined manner. Every Warrior Foosball Table that is manufactured as per the American style is highly durable and promises to last. They offer some of the safest Foosball tables in the market.

#8 East Point Sports

EastPoint Sports is a Canadian Foosball company that offers a wide range of different Foosball tables. This lets you select the right table as per your needs. The brand focuses on making family-friendly games designed for almost all age groups. They aim is to develop games that have gained huge popularity today and also they invent time in designing new games for tomorrow.

When we talk of Foosball tables, EastPoint is regarded as one of the Best Foosball Tables Brands. Each East Point Sports Foosball Table is crafted with high perfection to ensure that they can continue to give you enjoyment even in the years to come. Their products are made of a variety of woods so that all their customers find something to match the décor of their room. EastPoint is also known for producing a number of accessories.

#9 Harvard

This company has been ruling the industry for more than 80 years as a major player. Harvard is basically a manufacturing company of foosball tables owned by the parent company Escalade Sports. You are more likely to find a Harvard Foosball Table in department stores rather. Since the past 85 years, Escalade Sports has been a leader in terms of manufacturing quality sporting goods, product development, customer service and shipping standards.

It is one of the Best Foosball Tables Brands who are dedicated towards producing quality game tables that can withstand heavy usage. Their foosball tables are quite heavy and can withstand the rough handling while playing. Hence, their products are a hit amongst the families who spend their hard-earned money with the expectation that the products will last.

#10 Sportcraft

This brand was established in 1926 in the US by Walter and Sophia Holdstein. This Company was formed after the couple learned about the growing popularity of the backyard games in Europe. Eventually, the company expanded to include the other family-oriented games throughout the 1900s. It was then when the foosball was included in the list. The foosball tables produced by Sportcraft come in varieties right from kid-friendly toy tables to the furniture style ones.

The latter proves to be an elegant addition in any home thus making them more than just a part of the entertainment. A Sportcraft Foosball Table is not recommended for using in professional foosball tournaments instead they are considered ideal for the homeowners. Their foosball tables are available all over the US and the brand is regarded as one of the Best Foosball Tables Brands.

#2 Conclusion

It is always recommended that you go for a branded product as that is the best way to be assured of the quality. But you should also consider the following factors before you purchase like is it for a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, the material of the tabletop, its size, does it have adjustable legs, number of players it supports, your budget and the warranty. Go for the brand that offers a Foosball table that matches your needs and fits in your budget.


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