Best Foosball Table Dimension & Size Guide 2020


Best Foosball Table Dimension Size Guide

Before you pick one of the Best Foosball Tables, first, you have to consider a few things like its type, material, construction, rod, levelers, etc. Most of the time, we all look at all these features but forgot to look at one of the critical factors that are foosball table dimensions. See table dimension decide which type of table is suitable for your place and your gameplay. Many people avoid it, but we don’t want you to do the same, and that’s why today, I am here with a guide on foosball table dimensions. So let’s start.

#1 Foosball Table Dimension & Size Guide

Do you do the size or square ft. of your place where you want to place Tornado Foosball Tables. It may be a clubhouse, hall, bar, or office space; the first step is to find out the dimension of it. Once you have an idea about available space to place a foosball table, you can easily find the best type of foosball table for you and the team.

While measuring the foosball table and its space, you have to consider the spare space hat required to play the game. The insufficient place takes the game nowhere, and players also feel boring. And no one wants to think about the same situation with their lovely Mini Foosball Table.

Also, while buying the table, you have to all small details, manufacturer, and product details. The dimension must be well fitted and suitable. How do you feel when you reach the table, start the game, but can’t pull the rod to the goal? It becomes an utterly unworthy thing from the place of happiness. To avoid all these things, go through this guide and then go ahead on the way of buying a foosball table.

#1 Standard Foosball Table Dimension

The dimension of the standard foosball table is considered 56 Inches (L) x 30 Inches (W) x 36 Inches (H). It is mostly used in matches or official tournaments. The size of the table is quite big, almost equivalent to, or more significant than your dining table.

With this physical size, you need 16-18-inch space for rods and 24-36-inch space for the player to use rod easily and move freely. For the standard table, you need a foosball table space of at least 96 inches long and 66 inches wide.

Typically bars, gaming clubs, office recreation, gym, and recreational centers have such a big foosball table. Many homeowners with ample space, game lovers, and professionals also have this table at their home. Some put it in the living room, whereas some place it in the garage, backyard, or basement.

Here in the below table, you will find other dimensions of the standard foosball table. However, these dimensions may vary as per the maker of the Human Foosball Table.

Length 56 Inch
Height 36 Inch
Width 30 Inch
Playfield Size 48 ×27 in
Space Between Rods 6 Inch
Playfield Depth 4.25 Inch
Average Weight 200 Lbs

For the high-quality foosball table, weight and depth of playing surface are characteristic. You can play a faster and quicker game on the thicker table surface. Another thing to note down is that you can’t shake or move the table. It means it gives you a stable surface while playing, but you can’t move it frequently. While choosing a table, the smooth gaming experience is another thing you should have to keep in mind. If you know the Rules of Foosball Table and regular player plus have enough space, go for this type of table.

Despite all the size challenges, it is one of the popular types of foosball tables among all kinds of a player starting from novice to expert as it enhances the skill and entering one.

  • More fun and more challenges
  • You can easily participate in a competition or league
  • Compared to a small size table, it is a challenging one. Yes, it will improve your games, skills, and take you to the better side with each game.
  • Takes too much of space
  • Required regular practice and skills
  • Hard to assemble alone, most of the time necessary professional help

#2 Table Top Foosball Table Dimension (Mini Foosball Table Dimension)

Whether standard foosball table or 48-inch table, it takes too much space. They are also hard to move and assemble. Not all have a space to set this table in their home, but many people enjoy a game of foosball. For all such people, the tabletop foosball table comes handy.

The tabletop foosball table is a mini foosball table, so do not confuse with two different names. As the title says, these tables are small in size and can affix on the stable playing surface like Foosball Coffee Table, work table, dining table, or kitchen counter (open from four sides).

Some mini foosball tables can be visualized as a small cabinet without legs. Due to their compact size, they are easy to carry and portable. You can pack it, place it in your car and take it with you on the picnic or during vacation. There is no need for professional help while assembling it. You have to fix the rods and done!

Below is the table we have listed the standard size of the Mini foosball table. Note that, like other types of tables, it also comes in various sizes, and hence we have listed the most popular size for you.

Length 40 Inch
Height 8 Inch
Width 20 Inch
Playfield Size 38 × 18 in
Playfield Depth 4.25 Inch
Average Weight 15 Lbs

The above dimensions are standard ones, but you will find Tabletop foosball table from 17 inches to 40 inches.

  • Portable one
  • Easy to carry
  • Do not require too much space
  • Does not need professional help to assemble it
  • Lightweight
  • Less durable
  • Not suitable for adult
  • Not for serious game

Mini foosball tables are for the children. If you have children in the home, you can consider this option. You can view this as a birthday gift or Santa surprise. Your child will surely learn skills and game from the High Quality Sportcraft Foosball Table.

#3 52 – 60 Inch Foosball Tables

With 56 inches of the large foosball table, there are other Best Foosball Tables available in different sizes like 52, 54, 55, 58, and 60 inches. Out of all, 52 inch is the most common and famous. Some known brands like Hathaway, KICK, and Tornado Foosball Tables are available in this size. There is a few inch difference between all the tables; it makes lots of impact on the gameplay and space both. If we consider the area, then a few inches can give you a comfortable space to play natural game.

Here, in the below table, we have shared all possible variations in the width, size, playing field size, and playing surface depth.

Width From 34 Inches to 26 Inches
Playing Field Size From 48″ x 27″ to 46″ x 24
Playing Field Depth From 1 Inch to 5 Inch

You can choose any of the above as this category has some of the most known names of the best foosball table.

#4 48 Inch Foosball Tables

The last type, Best Foosball Tables, is quite famous for its size. For many known tables like Spacecraft Foosball Table, it is best to sell tables or user’s choices. Many foosball lovers find it ideal due to its perfect size, not too small, not too big. It is big enough to play a comfortable game and small enough to fit comfortably in all the places.

Those who are living in shared accommodation or small homes, it is the best one for them. Many parents take this table as a birthday gift for their mature kids.

Here in the below table, you will find other dimensions of the 48-inch foosball table. However, these dimensions may vary as per the manufacturer of the foosball table.

Length 48 Inch
Height 31 Inch
Width 24 Inch
Playfield Size 41 ×23 in
Space Between Rods 6 Inch
Playfield Depth 3 Inch
Average Weight 110 -130 Lbs

known makers of this type of table are Hathaway, Goplus, Kick, etc. Some popular sizes are 48 “x 25.5 “x 31 “and 48″ x 24″ x 33″. If you want to buy a foosball table but don’t have space, then go for 48-inch Best Foosball Tables.

Apart from the league participation, there is nothing wrong with the 48-inch table. For my home, it is an excellent addition to entertainment. I place it on my balcony. For home, it is a better option.

#2 What To Consider When Measuring Foosball Table Dimension?

After understanding the different types of foosball tables, here we will look at the factors to consider while measuring the foosball table dimension. From the space of your room, bars, garage, or basement, you can decide which size of the foosball table is suitable for you. While measuring the foosball table dimension, you have to consider the extra space for rods and players to play the game.

#1 Foosball Table Dimensions/ Size

The standard foosball table has a fixed length and height. For adult tournaments, some regulation is made, but apart from that, the tables come in various shapes and sizes. You will also find a compact version like tabletop models, coffee tables, and children friendly that fit anywhere.

When it comes to space and size, then you have to make sure that it fits in your room and offer enough space for the player to play the game. Generally, you have to consider about 4 to 4.5 feet space on each side of the table as the players angled backward for the shot. And hence they need more space.

#2 Height of table

The general height for the foosball table is 36-inch. It is suitable for adults and teens. It means if you are going to buy the best foosball table for kids. Go for the one that has adjustable legs. Otherwise, they won’t be able to play it. Adjustable legs make it more convenient to play for each age group in the family.

#3 Material

Significant materials used in the making of foosball table is particle boards, composite construction, and solid wood. Tables made from solid wood and composites are expansive ones with the best quality. It also offers durability. On the other hand, the board created by the particleboards are less durable and cheap. If you are buying it for kids, go for the less expensive option, but if you are going for some serious gaming, you know your choice!

#4 Additional Space

For the extra space, you have to look at some other factors like the table has end ball return or side ball return. With the side ball return, you can put a table closer to the wall, but with the end ball return, you have to left space from the wall side. It means the additional space depends on the foosball table’s other features, including the size of the table.

#3 Conclusion

It is all about the Best Foosball Tables dimension guide. Hopefully, it is helpful to you. If it is so, then share your reviews. And if you still have any confusion, we are here to help you 24*7.


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