TOP 10 Best Foosball Tables Reviews 2020


TOP 10 Best Foosball Tables Review 2020 : Best Foosball Tables or table football is an indoor game that is played on a specially designed table. It is based on the football game. Instead of running player on the ground, here you have to control your players with the rotating and take your ball to the opponent’s goal.

The typical Size of Foosball Table is about 120 cm X 61 cm. It consists of eight rows that have foos man mounted on it. It is made up of metal, wooden, plastic, or carbon fiber-like material. People play it for fun. You can place it at your workspace, home, school, bars or clubhouse.

In the market, there are many Human Foosball Table available, but out of some are exceptionally great and here I am with some of such Best Foosball Tables Review. So have a look.

Best Foosball Tables Reviews

#1 Best Foosball Tables Review 2020

Now we arrive at the second and important section of Best Foosball Tables Review. Here we have outlined ten different but Best Foosball Tables section. Look each of them one by one and get the best one according to your use, choice, expertise level, and budget.

#1 KICK Foosball Table Triumph Black, 55 in

KICK Foosball Table Triumph Black Out of all Kick Foosball Tables, this one is one of the top models. It means you are getting a perfect game with the industry’s best warranty support.

With the convertible goalie configuration, you can either play with one or three goalies according to the player level. This table provides a great mid-level game to all foosball enthusiast.

It weighs 123lbs with a dimension of 55L x 30W x 36H inches. It uses 0.5-inch laminate playfield and particleboard cabinet in the making of it. The men are counterweighted, and hence no one is between you and your shot. The table has levelers and adjustable legs for a fair game. A chrome-plated SS rods makes the game fast.

The bearings and rods are thick and good in quality. Definitely, all the major parts are designed to stay long last. With the reasonable price, the Kick Triumph delivers good quality gameplay. And yes, the lifetime warranty is there. Like some of the player, you need to use it if you find any defect. It is good after all that you don’t have to put your hands in the pocket to get something fixed.

According to us, it is a decent and mid-level table that gives you peace of mind with its lifetime warranty.

#1 Features

  • Premium bearings
  • Chrome cupholders
  • Slide scoring
  • Score counter
  • Unlimited warranty
  • Total 26 men; 13 in red and 13 in blue
  • Wooden handles with screws

#2 Pro & Cons

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fun to play
  • Quite cheap for a good table
  • Excellent customer support
  • Free same day shipping
  • Free rod lubricant
  • The instruction book is not great
  • Some users reported that the new tables have some manufacturing defects

#2 KICK Foosball Table Legend, 55 in

KICK Foosball Table Legend Kick Foosball Table Legend the best selling piece in our collection due to its warm wooden color that suits with decore of your home. With the weight of 143 lbs and 55″ L X 31″ W X 35″ H of dimension, this table is set in any corner of your home. You can set 1 or 3 goalie configuration according to your preference. It has eight non-slip chrome plated rods with black handlers with a screw. A lifetime warranty of the kick brand is there without any doubt. No other manufacturers offer such offer within this price range.

The cabinet of the table made up of mixed hardwood and fiberboard of medium density which makes it elegant and durable. Moreover, the extra stability is provided by ½” thick of playing field.

5-inch sturdy leg levers offer extra durability, and ebony legs add a touch of style. With leg levelers, you can adjust the table according to preference. Counterbalanced men offer precise ball control and easy dribbling.

You can easily assemble the table within 90 minutes with the help of two people. It can’t offer high speed, but you can add a faded ball for the control on passing and shooting.

According to us, Kick Legend, deliver an unforgettable and classic gaming experience.

#1 Features

  • Durable and elegant design
  • Counterbalanced men
  • Uniformed men set
  • Quality product

#2 Pro & Cons

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Slide scoring system
  • Premium bearings and rods
  • 2 KICK premium balls and 2 KICK soccer balls
  • Goal system is only an objection

#3 KICK Foosball Table Splendor, 55 in

KICK Foosball Table Splendor The KICK Foosball Table Splendor is one of our most popular product, which makes it more reliable. You can get this table for your family and friends to entertain for hours.

The wooden appearance can blend to any part of your home — no need to worry about designing a special game for the table.

You can use the various adjective to describe it. It is durable, stable, provide quality material, and most importantly, user-friendly and adjustable.

See its ideal size can fit in any room in your home. From top to bottom, you will find some exceptional features in it. It is designed for all level and all age group of players.

The table will not move during the serious game, and all thanks leg levelers with rubber bottom. The thick square legs and sturdy cabinet also offer stability. The bars between the legs also provide extra stability.

Leg levelers keep the playing field straight and counterbalanced men on the filled will speed up the game without any hurdle or barrier. One or three man goalie configuration lets you play according to your preference. The SS rods equipped with non-slip wooden handle make grip and allow you to shoot the precise goal.

Two chrome cup holders are easily attachable to the table. With 123lbs and 55″ L X 30″ W X 36″ H dimension, it is easy to store and handle.

#1 Features

  • Premium bearings
  • A half-inch of playing field
  • Convenient front ball return
  • 1-Goalie kit with corner ramps and rod stoppers
  • Same-day free shipping

#2 Pro & Cons

  • Unlimited lifetime warranty
  • Counterbalanced and uniformed players
  • Convenient ball retrieval
  • Slide scoring system
  • Two chrome cupholders
  • 14 days money-back guarantee
  • Unclear instructions for assembly

#4 Tornado Sport Foosball Table

Tornado Sport Foosball Table Tornado Sports Foosball Table is from the famous tornado brand. It is one of the best entertainment purpose table present in the market. As the players are not counterbalanced, it does not receive ITSF certificate, but it is not a major thing to consider. With its high-end features, you can speed up the game. Within this price range, it balanced the perfect quality of the f strikes the perfect balance between price and quality of the Best Foosball Tables.

All category of foosball players, the table is perfect. Quite affordable and suitable in-home, if you are a fan of tornado tables, go and pick this product.

With the dimension of 56 x 30 x 36 inches, it is a little heavy with a weight of 205 pounds. Excellent design and professional quality material make it a quality product. You will also get mahogany melamine finish on a 1” thick MDF cabinet at such cheap price, isn’t it amazing?

It is designed in such a way that it can handle optimum ball control. The adjustable leg levelers, smooth surface of the table, and end ball return system makes it one of the best name for the foosball enthusiastic.

Suregrip plastic handles of black colors will let you rotate the handle easily. You will not find any dead spot in the inner bearing.

Thick legs hold the table firmly and stand strong to the grounds.  See you can enjoy the professional gaming experience with any of Tornado table, but all of them have different price, weight, and size.

#1 Features

  • Abacus scoring
  • Split bearings
  • Game and match scoring counters
  • Greater control for thin wall bearing
  • Great looks
  • Extra accessories and balls
  • The official game table of TNFL, TNT, and ITSF
  • Professional quality

#2 Pro & Cons

  • Sturdy and strong
  • Competition grade
  • Square cornered foosball men provides maximum control
  • Excellent bearings
  • No counterbalanced players
  • Heavy and expansive

#5 Valley-Dynamo Tornado Classic Foosball Table

Valley-Dynamo Tornado Classic Foosball Table Little classier than the standard cheap option, this Tornado classic is a great option if you are looking for a great choice. It provides lots of features without breaking your bank account completely.

A reasonably expansive and Best Foosball Tables, this table is hardly going wrong. With the dimension of 56 x 30 x 36 in and 225 lbs weight, it can quickly transfer from place to place. You can’t change goalie configuration from 3 to 1.

Black leather aminate finish on 1.5-inch cabinet gives sturdy looks and stability to the table. Playfield area has a thickness of 3/4 inch. The square and square hatching foot also adds control and stability. With counterweighted men and adjustable leg levelers, no one can stop you from scoring. Hollow steel rods with wooden handles improve the speed of players.

I know it is a bit costly compared to the above names, but when the product is from Tornado Sport, you have to compromise it.

The table is quite fast and perfects who want to play like a pro.

#1 Features

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Adjustable height and leg levelers
  • Score counter
  • A classic look that sets with your home decore
  • High-quality manufacturer
  • Attention to smallest details

#2 Pro & Cons

  • A durable and heavy-duty product
  • Counterweighted men
  • Tornado quality
  • Hollow steel rods for fast gaming
  • Still quite pricey

#6 Rally and Roar Foosball Table Game

Rally and Roar Foosball Table Game For many foosball lovers, the high price tag of the foosball table might remove the fun. But don’t worry, we have cover Rally and Roar name in our Best Foosball Tables Review. This USA built table has chrome-plated steel rods with ergonomic wood grip. Oversized leg levelers, square legs, and one-inch table aprons that together offer support.

Four extra foosball table ensures continuous enjoyment. With the ramped edges on the playing field, the ball never stuck in the corner and allowed to enjoy a fast-paced game.

The assembly attachment needs two people. Otherwise, it is a bit difficult to handle. Once the set up is done, you can spend hours and hours with your friends and family members.

Do not be scared with its dimension or weight as it weighs only 74.8 Pounds with 56 x 29.6 x 34.5 inches size.

#1 Features

  • High-quality table
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for each age group and each level player

#2 Pro & Cons

  • 5” Diameter Leg Levers
  • Prevent from scratch and tear
  • No complicated instruction
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty
  • ⅝” diameter chrome-plated steel rods with wood handles
  • Assembly setup takes time

#7 Hathaway 56-Inch Primo Foosball Table

Hathaway 56-Inch Primo Foosball Table The next name in our list of Best Foosball Tables Review is Hathaway primo. You can trust on it. It provides one of the best qualities within the budget and with some exceptional features.

You can consider it as nearly expansive, but it is a great choice from beginners to competitors.

Even the included features also suitable from the beginners to adult or pro. With the dimension of 55 x 29 x 36 inches, it is easily fit in your gaming area or living room. Even the weight is 167 lbs, and it can be considered as within limit.

Out of all attraction, why you have to put your eyes on it? Many reasons for that. The thick MDF surface and independent stabilizing leg levelers give stability to the table. A significant level of ball control is noticeable from the first game. Counterbalanced players with a grip play their role accurately. They stay out from your way when you are not using it. The game flows perfectly and hassle-free.

The solid steel rods with a wooden handle are ideal. Even the wooden handle also enhances the grip. It represents the quality of design and performance of the player. Firm grip and glide through the E-Z spin bearing to make the game fast.

Side ball return avoid the clumsy moments to get the ball and keep the momentum of the game by accelerating ball retrieval

#1 Features

  • High end finishing
  • Sunk cup holder
  • Warranty of 180 days
  • Score counters
  • Great for home or office
  • Heavy ad thick material used

#2 Pro & Cons

  • Sturdy
  • Nice looks
  • Chrome-plated tubular steel rods
  • Overall excellent features and fair price
  • Assembly is needed
  • Plastic bearings
  • Medium Density Fiberboard

#8 Warrior Table Soccer Pro Foosball Table 2020 Model

Warrior Table Soccer Pro Foosball Table 2020 Model The next best-rated edition of the Best Foosball Tables is warrior professional. If you want to bring your gaming skills to the next level or need a quality table for your daily gaming, this table is for you.

The table is built with precision fro providing optimum performance. You can consider this table for mid to high level. The overall quality, performance, stability, and durability are the reason to cover this name on the list. It is the best foosball table according to its performance, quality, and price range.

With the dimension of 56″x30″x36″ and 200 lbs weight with assembly, it is suitable for your home and office space. Solid chrome steel rods with rubber handle enhance the grip. Foosball men made with ABS plastic. One goalie setup surely enhances your gaming skills.

It is the only table that is certified by ITSF and USTSF player organizations. In this budget, you will not find lucrative table than this. This table provides promising control over the ball for perfect passes and shots.

According to the international standard, there is one goalie and 11 counter-balanced black and red men. The unique rod guard system gives safety to the players. Because of the sturdy rubber swivel foot levelers, it makes the movement easy. Even the handgrips are comfortable. The leveling is easy.

The playing field is laminated for excellent play. It is thick and composed finish for perfect grip to control the game. Those who have tried this table and also experts review this table, and all are satisfied with its features and quality.

Split bearings shoot the faster and powerful shots. The side ball return system makes the ball retrieval easy. The table is heavy, but it has thick legs to avoid stability issues. According to the manufacturer, the assembly takes a maximum of 20 minutes.

#1 Features

  • The only table recognized by USTSF and ITSF
  • A mixture of class and durability
  • Score counter
  • Rod guard for player’s safety
  • Similar to the tornado 3000, but the price is less

#2 Pro & Cons

  • High quality
  • Adjustable legs
  • Strong construction
  • Long-lasting faster rod bearings
  • Smooth and thick playfield surface
  • Tournament quality table at an unbelievable and unbeatable price
  • Slower than others
  • Assembly is a challengeable

#9 Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table

Atomic Gladiator 56" Foosball Table The Atomic Gladiator is a good option from beginners to intermediate. Those kids who want to play vigorous games with the coolest playfield, this table is a great option. It included a great set of features as well.

It is easily fitted in the gaming room, or living room as the dimension of the table is 56″x 31.25″x 34.75″. The weight of the product is 226 lbs which average weight.

It features black and red foosball men facing off on a green playfield — heavy MDF aprons used in the table construction. Solid chrome 5/8″ steel rods with octagonal wood handle gives excellent grip.

The leg levers are of 3.5 inches long that allow fair play. It also offers added stability. Some of the common features include solid steel construction for faster spin and counter move for the mid-level player.

The side ball return makes the retrieval easy and quick. The cupholders are also there. However,  it does not reach the tournament level just because of the absence of counterbalanced men. The assembly takes a few hours if you follow it completely.

#1 Features

  • Cup holders
  • Additional balls
  • Super sturdy and thick
  • Side ball return

#2 Pro & Cons

  • Sturdy and leg levelers for fair game
  • Easy ball retrieval
  • Set of attractive features
  • Real feel of the playground
  • Limited warranty
  • No counterbalanced man
  • Not designed for official tournament table

#10 Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table

Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table If you need a world-class excitement to your foosball game at your home or game room, then this Best Foosball Tables is for you. The dazzling design and colorful realistic like appearance make an extream fan of soccer.

It is perfect for adults as well as kids. A fast-paced play and high glossy graphics attract the kids to play the game. On another hand, the durable construction preferred by adults.

Stability is due to wood construction. The sleek steel rods and grips provide fast and stable play. The integrated levelers ensure safe and fair playing.

It has three months of manufacturing warranty. In case of any damage happens during transportation, then they will replace the parts without any extra charges. The dimension of the table is 49 x 28 x 11 inches and weighs 51 lbs.

#1 Features

  • Abacus-style scoring
  • Solid and secure
  • Dazzling design

#2 Pro & Cons

  • Premium Play
  • American Design
  • Chrome-plated rods
  • Chrome finished corner connectors
  • Fast-Paced Fun for the Whole Family
  • Assembly is difficult

#2 Things To Consider Before Buying Best Foosball Table

As I already said, when you are searching for the Mini Foosball Tables for Kids or adult, you will find a large number of varieties. For buying a new foosball table, you have to consider a few things. Before replacing your old table foosball take a look at this Buying Guide of Best Best Foosball Tables.

We have made a guide that will make you familiarise with all popular features of foosball table that you have to look in a while buying it.

#1 Size

You have to consider the space available in your office or home before buying a table for foosball. There three or four types of foosball tables present in the market which vary according to size. If you have a small size or compact space, then pick the small one.

If you have a large game zone or big space, then go for a full-size foosball table. Do not only consider the area for a table; you have to find the space for the players as well to play it. With it, also keep in mind the age and number of players.

The general dimension of Foosball Table is 56 inches L X 30 inches W X 36 inches H. Space-saving mini foosball tables are approx. 5 feet L X 2 feet H X 6 inches W. The rods are about 6 inches apart in the mini size table.

According to expert, if you have 7 feet by 8 feet space, then it is best for your foosball table.

#2 Material

While searching for a foosball table, you come in contact with variation in material. Foosball tables are made using different materials, including solid wood, composites, particle boards, plastic, etc.

In making of the high-quality table for foosball, wood is used, and for cheaper table particleboard is used. Composite lies in between high and low-end quality. You can determine the quality of the table from its weight also.

Composite material has some advantage over the wood. It does not affect in the humid atmosphere. You do not have to wrap it to cover it to save it from humidity. It is also durable and about one-inch thick.

If you are buying the foosball table for children then only pick the particleboard, otherwise, go for composite or wood. Over time, particleboard falls apart and easily breaks down. To find out that the table is made of particleboard, check its weight, mostly it is under 70 lbs.

#3 Safety Features

Safety features mean a foosball table that does not have the roads that jut out and hit the kids when they come near to the table. To speed up the games, pick the hollow rods. Advanced players mostly use it. If you want to pick the cheaper choice, then standard steel rods are also there.

The final product you pick has a smooth surface and hard finish that prevent your kids from being hurt through the corners or via rods. I think you have to pick the laminated surface instead of the designed one. Stick on design can be peel off over time and can cause a problem in the future while playing.

See I think you might not find safety as one of the important features, but it is not you have to ignore. If you have kids, then you have to make sure that it is safe for them first.

The biggest risk is the rods. They do not have the handle at the ends. It causes the finger caught and cut. Look for a good ball recovery system as well, so each time any of you do not have to run and pick the ball.

#4 Table Location

First, you have to decide the place where you want to Setting Up Foosball Table. From the space, you can make sure that what dimension of the table is perfect for you. It can be fitted on the designated place at your home.

Do not purchase eventually, otherwise either you will return it or replace it at the end if it does not fit to your place. Choose the place that is naked enough. If you pick the tidy place, then you might end up with breaking things like rentals, glasses, and vases. Your selected delicate location can cause the accident.

If your space is uneven, then look for the table leveler while purchasing. You want to play a fair game, after all!

#5 Type of the 3 in 1 Foosball Table

Foosball tables as three major designs; standard, tabletop, and combination of two. Most of the people make a picture of a standard foosball table in their mind when they think to buy one. These tables stay in one place, and you have to put their parts together by yourself. These tables are made up of high-quality components.

If you are looking for a mini foosball, then tabletops are preferred one. They are small and perfect for those who don’t have enough space or have kids at home. You can place it on the hard surface like the floor.  The combination of standard table and tabletops can use for the different table games, including foosball of course! The combination varies according to model and manufacturer.

See if you have small space choose tabletop foosball table instead of full size. Not only space but you have to consider the age of your children. The table does not have full legs, and you can easily secure it by folding it.

#6 Price

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most important factors to be considered. You have to decide your budget first. After you are done with it, you have to look for the Best Foosball Tables. If you are not getting the quality product within your budget, then wait for month or two, improve your budget and quality product only. In the end, it is a one-time investment.

#7 Goalie Configuration

When you compare different foosball tables, you can find a difference in goalie configuration. Some tables have singe man goalie whereas some others have three-man goalies. If you ask us which one is better, then it purely depends on the preference. The goalie configuration changes according to location. For example, in the UK, you will find most of the table with one goalie, and in the US, you will find three goalie table in most of the places.

For a fast-paced game, go for the three-man goalie setup. But for the skills and precision in the game, go for the one-man goalie setup. See the fact is one person goalie table will surely build your skills and helps you to play far better compared to three man setup. If you are a beginner or want a table for kids, then only we recommend the three-person goalie setup.

Most of the high-end table can easily be converted from three-man to one man goalie and vice-versa.

#8 Counter Weighted Men

To enjoy the best and fair gameplay, as the pro gamers do, go for the table that has counter-weighted men. When you release them, they stay in a horizontal position. So when you are taking a shot, any of them do not come in your way. Whole and sole, if your table has counter-weighted men on the playing rods, you can enjoy a much better game with your buddies or colleague.

#9 Table Levelers

Imagine a situation in which your table leans on one side and you are playing with all your efforts, but can’t able to win. You said after putting all the effort, one must have to win. But my friend, see if your table elans on one particular side, that side will get an advantage. The game is also not playing fairly.

To avoid this situation, opt for the table that has table levelers. There are various type of levelers available, but all work on the same principle. Compare all foosball table and get the best table that is convertible to Air Hockey Tables.

#10 Playing Rods

Never compromise in the one thing that is playing rods. Pick the rods that are made up of steel. See whatever your budget is, but you have to make sure that you only consider buying the table with steel rods.

To speed up the game, you can pick the hollow rods. Due to less weight, they speed up the game. Most of the high-end name like Tornado Foosball Tables provides hollow rods only. For the mid-level foosball table, you can choose steel rods as well. There is nothing wrong in picking up the steep rods; they are great. The only difference is hollow rods have less weight compared to steel rods. With the hollow rods, you can shot your goals in super-fast speed.

#11 Overall Plans for Use

When you start hunting about new Ping Pong Tables for foosball, you have to account that how you would like to use it.

With this, you can set almost all other things that you have to look in. According to use, you can prioritize different things. For example, who will be using the table? From it, you can determine the size, quality, colors, features, etc.

See if you want to get the table for a business place, then you have to pick the high-end one that can withstand continuous use and strong enough for wear and tear. Since many people are likely to play, you have to keep the one that lasts long. Take time and consider how often and who is going to use the table. It will help you to find your ideal table according to your precise needs.

#12 Adjustable Legs

Okay, I do not consider this feature as a must-have one, but you can look for it at least. Some tables have adjustable legs that can adjust the height of the table according to players. The main utility of this feature is to allow you to make the table even if it was placed on uneven flooring.

#13 Warranty

One last thing to consider the warranty that comes with the table. The average duration is 1-year for most foosball tables. However, some cheaper tables can offer less than 1-year warranty. Remember that you can always purchase an additional warranty for your table in case the warranty is very important to you.

#14 Player Skill Level

The best way to shop the foosball table is to account the player’s skill level and age. Whether you are shopping for friends, kids, or family member, look at their skill level first to save your time and money both.

  • Beginners/ Kids

See if you are shopping for your kids that are nor mature enough or never played before, then the tabletop model is best for you. Tabletop model is cheap compared to the regulatable and small in height. You kids can easily reach it. Even the table ca handle the abuse that your children throw at it.

This cheap particleboard is an ideal option for the teens or someone completely new to this game. This way, you do not have to spend lots of money and can easily upgrade with the upgraded skill level.

  • Intermediate

If our family members and friend are playing enough the game, then you need high quality or heavy dut model. It is a great option as it can handle the use. You can easily get this kind of table under $500. A good quality table within this price rage incorporated with smooth steel rods, flat playing surface, high-end features, and durable composite construction.

  • Advanced/ Pro

If you are a serious gamer or buying for someone is pro in foosball, then there is no chance to compromise in quality. Pick the best one. Do not worry; we have listed the best names in our Best Foosball Tables Review. Look for the highest quality, high-end features, and long last life.

You can call this kind of tables as a tournament-level table. It features solid legs, sturdy cabinet, and looks fabulous in your rec room. Often these rods are hollow steel rods, but sometimes it also provides solid steel rods according to preference. The surface is completely flat, and dream for many to play on it.

#15 Look and Feel

If you buy a foosball table and find that it is not attractive enough, then how can you play it? Find your style and pick the table that matches it. Fun graphics, sleek design, smooth corners make you excited and gives whole different experience and fun.

With some painted players on the table, the game seems more real. The red and blue style gives the feel of older days. The style is your personal choice, and I can’t tell you which one is best. What you have to consider is get the one that provides some fun while playing.

#16 Table Surface

While checking for a table surface, you have to pay attention to the different things. If you are buying stuff online, do not worry, you can get the information from the product description.

Do not pick the stick on design instead of going for laminated one. The stick-on can peel and roll up with the time and cause the problem while playing.

Even if you have a high-end table, then you don’t have to worry too much. If you have particleboards with stick-on design, then only try to avoid it. Also, stay away from the tables that have stick-on field markings as it causes the same problem.

#17 Speed

The last but not the least thing to consider is speed. See when you choose the surface, you also look for the speed of gaming. Most of the American tables have a hard finish but smooth surface. The harder and smoother the surface is, the more speed you can achieve while playing.

The European tables have a solid wood finish that leads to slowing the ball. If you want a table that offers quick ball traveling with a good play, you can consider tables like Sportcraft Foosball Tables.

#3 Conclusion

It is all about the top ten Best Foosball Tables Review. Hopefully, you find what you are searching for. In case of any help, ask us without any hesitation. Thank you! You can also read more about foosball table on Wikipedia.


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