TOP Best Harvard Foosball Tables Review 2020


Best Harvard Foosball Tables Review : The brand Harvard which is owned by the parent company Escalade Sports is primarily into the manufacturing of different sports and fitness equipment including foosball tables. The company has been serving the industry for over 80 years and is a leading player today. Currently, it produces different foosball table models that are fit for any kind of casual foosball events.

These foosball tables can also be a great gift for your kids or if you are in search of a table for indulging in some casual foosball games. Harvard does not indulge in manufacturing professional foosball tables that are used in tournaments. In this article, we will guide you regarding some of the best Harvard Foosball Tables.


Best Harvard Foosball Tables Review

#1 Best Harvard Foosball Tables Review 2020

#1 Harvard Midfielder Foosball Table

Harvard Midfielder Foosball Table

This is one of the signature foosball tables of Harvard. Though it is one of the high-end tables made by the Harvard it is not designed to play any tournaments. Its base is made of laminated wood and the playing surface is made of laminated PVC. This acts as great protection against scratches, damage and water.

The 5/8 inch solid steel rods along with the steel crossbars are plated with chrome to protect them from corrosion and rust.

These are supported on smooth bearings that ensure you have seamless gaming experience. The octagonal-shaped wooden handles give you a solid grip. Altogether, the rods offer easy control of the ball.

It comes with square legs having leg levers attached so that even if the surface is not straight, you need not worry. Also, the steel bars between the legs of the foosball table helps to maintain stability and balance. Its stylishness and sturdiness make it the best Harvard foosball tables.

The wood bead abacus-style scorers make it easy to keep track of the scores. It has flip-down chromed cup holders that lets you stay hydrated during the tournament. It has a three goalie setup with side-ball return system.

It is a perfect choice for casual challenges, for beginners and also amateur players. Since this model is highly-priced you should get it when you come across Harvard Foosball Tables for sale.

#2 Harvard Black Deca Foosball Table

Harvard Black Deca Foosball Table

Whenever we come across the list of the best Harvard foosball tables this model will surely be a part. In spite of being a low-end model, it boasts of some nice features. The foosball table is made of sturdy medium density fiberboard. Its black panel with a silver trim finish offers it a classy look.

Harvard foosball table parts are always known for their sturdiness and functionality. Even this foosball table is made of 5/8-inch hollow steel rods with octagonal handles that enable a faster-paced game. Since the table is very light it is a bit unsteady. The leg levelers help adjust the level and play a fair game. It has a block scoring system.

The counterbalanced players ensure that they maintain their positions even if you let the handle go. So you don’t need to move your men continuously thus making it easier to play. This is one of the key reasons you would find this model in the list of any TOP 10 Best Foosball Table to buy in 2020.

This budget-friendly foosball table proves to be a good choice for the newbies.

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#3 Harvard Rematch Foosball Soccer Table

Harvard Rematch Foosball Soccer Table

The black and silver combination of this foosball table lends it a sleek and classy look. It is made of black wooden cabinet walls and the playing surface has a matching laminated foosball field. When compared to other models, it is lighter in weight accounting to only about 82 pounds.

Some of the Harvard Foosball Tables Review suggests that this model is a pretty good choice for the beginners to master the basic rules and strategies of foosball. Hence, it is also considered as a good choice for kids too.

Its chrome-plated 1/2 inch hollow steel rods feature robot style foosball men and black plastic foosball handles. These handles are slip-resistant and give a better grip.

Unlike most of the Harvard tables, this Rematch model doesn’t have leg levelers but its large tapered leg gives it the required stability. But like the high-end tables, it has counterbalanced players along with a black and silver block scoring system. The end ball returns on either side of the table playing fun.

This Harvard Rematch table model is considered as the Harvard Foosball Tables that work best for kids who crave for a table in their game room. It helps them learn the basics of the game.

If you find one in any of the Harvard Foosball Tables for Sale just grab it for your teenage son.

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#4 Harvard Goal Getter Foosball Table

Harvard Goal Getter Foosball Table

If you are looking for something to improve the aesthetic appeal of your sports room then you should go for this model of Harvard. In terms of aesthetic appeal, this can give a tough competition to any Sportcraft Foosball. Its wooden look gives it an antic touch and would satisfy your requirement. The foosball table has a PVC laminated field with a soccer field pasted on top for smooth gameplay.

It features black powder-coated ½-inch hollow steel rods on smooth bearings which can be controlled by octagonal PVC handles designed ergonomically for a better grip. The adjustable pentagonal 3 3/4 inch post legs with adjustable leg levelers add to its steadiness and comfort. It comes with large laminated aprons that provide structural stability.

Its counterbalanced players can compete for some of the best Harvard Foosball Tables where the players remain in the same position when you leave the rod which is a convenient feature. It has large laminated aprons to provide you with further stability.

The pack includes 2 soccer-style foosballs with end ball returns at both the ends. The manual scorers help you keep track of your score. Its fairly lightweight makes it a good choice for beginners and children. Unlike most Harvard foosball tables models this is one of the low-end models that is affordably priced thus acting as a great value for the money.

#5 Harvard 4-Foot Foosball Soccer Table

Harvard 4-Foot Foosball Soccer Table

If you don’t have sufficient space at home to place a big-sized foosball table, need not worry. Harvard brings you this Mini Foosball Table. Not only is it small in size but it is also lightweight. It comes in a beautiful combination of 3 bright colors black, white, and red with a decent red scoreboard on either side which lends it a sporty look.

This 4-foot model has L-shaped reinforcing bars made of MDF featuring stiff side panel that makes it more stable. Its surface is coated with an impact-resistant material that makes the game field resistant to scratches.

The half-inch rods are coated with chrome making them anti-rust. One unique feature of this model is its rubber handles that fit in perfectly in the palms of the players thus helping them make steady moves.

The reason why it has been named 4 Foot is that it is only 4 feet long. This compact and undersized table is one of the best Harvard Foosball Tables when it comes to small spaces and for kids. As it weighs only 55 pounds, it can be easily moved around when required.

So, if you have space constraint and limited budget, then you should definitely pick this model from any of the Harvard Foosball Tables for Sale.

#6 Harvard NXG Foosball Table

Harvard NXG Foosball Table

This is a French-inspired design that has gained huge popularity in the market. This is also a portable foosball table featuring black diagonal legs that makes it stand out from the rest.

The horseshoe cabinet has a wooden design with comfortable black plastic handles supported by smooth roller rod bearing system. The blonde wood with red or black trim completes its beauty. The 3/8 inch hardboard has a thin film topcoat to give the surface a polished feel.

It comes with robotic players that make playing a seamless experience. The abacus sliding scores help you calculate the score. The side ball return lets you gather the ball easily. The large chrome-plated steel lifelike goal nets at each end complete its overall look.

When we talk about a professional foosball table then it can be considered as one of the best Harvard foosball tables suitable for playing at tournament levels. You won’t get a replica of a French model at such an amazing price.

#2 Conclusion

Though the Harvard foosball tables do not fall under the category of the high-end table, but they are perfectly suitable for the beginners, entry-level players and amateurs. The brand offers some of the most affordable foosball table models in today’s market.

Their product line has been continuously evolving and the gaming characteristics have also improved significantly. You can never go wrong when you decide to buy a Harvard product. But unfortunately, new Harvard foosball tables are no longer available in the market neither in the physical stores nor online. If their features have fascinated you, just go for the used Harvard foosball tables.


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