TOP 10 Best Poker Table to Buy in 2020


Best Poker Table Reviews: When you have a common group of friends who love to play poker together buying a poker table can prove to be a great idea. It allows you to enjoy the game from the comfort of your home. Here, one should remember that no poker game is complete without a good quality poker table.

A quality poker table is one that boasts of durable construction with soft felt with some additional features that can make the game so much smoother and better. Poker tables are available in different shapes, sizes and prices.

If you are recently planning to add a decent table in your gaming room, it is essential that you do certain homework before you actually buy one. Going through some of the Best Poker Table Reviews can be a good idea. Even in this article of ours, we have reviewed some of the best poker tables that can be helpful for you.

Best Poker Table Reviews

#1 Things to Consider Before Buying Best Poker Table

Size and Space – The size of the poker table you purchase should be based on the number of members participating in the game. If you don’t expect many players it is better not to go for an oversized table and unnecessary block space.

While buying a poker table you should consider the space for placing the chairs. Also, you should take into account the navigation space available after you place the table in the room.

If you don’t play that often, you can opt for folding tables. These need not be permanently installed and can be folded and kept aside when not in use. These tables can be quickly assembled.

Material – Poker tables can be made of different materials namely metal, wood and plastic. Metal tables offer a classy and aesthetic look. These tables are usually lightweight and can be easily moved from one place to another.

Wooden poker tables have a variety of finishes that gives your room a rustic touch. These tables can accommodate four to six matching chairs but can be really heavy and difficult to move.

The other variety is plastic that is cheap and lightweight. But they don’t usually match the aesthetics of your room. But again these are the most affordable options and best suitable for people who are not looking for permanent options.

Playing Surface – The playing surface of a poker table plays an important part. The surface can be covered by a wide variety of felt types and qualities. Amongst all the types of felt, speed felt material is the best.

You can choose from different materials like velveteen, wool felt, etc. Whichever material you choose, it should be durable, sturdy and definitely water-resistant.

The Bumper – Poker games are played for hours so you need to be comfortable. So the bumper or rails on which you rest your elbows and arms should be padded with high-quality foam and covered with some durable material like leather to be able to provide you ultimate comfort. So, always buy a poker table that features a thick bumper compared to any standard table.

The extras – If you want to spend the evening in comfort while playing poker, you would need a matching set of chairs that also go well with the décor of the room. To offer the ultimate protection to your table, you can get a poker table cover that will keep the dirt and dust off.

Always opt for tables with cup holders so that you get to enjoy your drinks while playing poker with your group of friends or family. Look for stainless steel cup holders that can be removed for cleaning.

#1 Best Poker Table Reviews 2020

Preview Product Rating Price
Barrington 10 Player Poker Table 82 x 44 Barrington 10 Player Poker Table 82 x 44 133 Reviews $279.00

#1 Barrington Collection Poker Table with Padded Rails and Cup Holders

Barrington Collection Poker TableThis Poker Table with Padded Rails and Cup Holders by Barrington Collection can an elegant addition to your gaming room due to its iconic black felt surface. It felt features traditional poker appointments that make it versatile and one of the favorite tables for board games.

This 10 player poker table is made from 3/5″ plywood that makes it strong and durable. The rails are padded and covered with premium wood shade faux leather to allow you to rest your forearms while playing.

Its metal legs ensure that the table remains stable and also makes it easy to
fold the table in half while transporting from one place to another. This folding design also helps in easy storage.

There are 10 built-in steel drink holders for holding your beer bottles or tumblers and stay refreshed while playing. Being reviewed by around 366 users in Amazon makes it one of the Best Poker Tables in today’s market.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Folding design
  • Stable metal legs
  • Elegant and durable
  • Built-in drink holders
  • No assembly required
  • Size is ideal for 10 players
  • Padded cushions for added comfort
  • Loosely fitted fabric
  • Heavy and difficult to move around

#2 ESPN 10 Player Premium Poker Table With LED Lights

ESPN 10 Player Premium Poker TableIf playing in a dark cozy room fascinates you then you should definitely go for this 10 Player Premium Poker Table from the house of ESPN that features in-laid blue LED lights for improved visibility and different playing experience in your next party or family event.

This gray and black poker table is made of reinforced 5/8 inch playfield covered with premium quality felt. This oversized table apron is 2-inch wider than that of most standard tables. The padded rail lets you comfortably rest your forearms on the poker table while play.

The 1 1/8th inch dimension steel legs easily fold in half and aids in easy storage. You can easily store it under your bed or load it into your car while moving from one place to another.

This sleek and attractively designed poker table comes with in-built steel cups that ensure that you can keep your drinks bottles conveniently near you and avoid it from spilling off.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Built-in LED lights
  • 10 player positions
  • Attractive and durable
  • No assembly required
  • Foldable design for compact storage
  • Upgraded steel legs for extra stability
  • Cushioned top rail with 10 built-in steel cup holders
  • Not built properly

#3 Barrington 10 Player Poker Table 82 x 44

Barrington 10 Player Poker Table 82 x 44If you are looking for a Professional Poker Table then this Barrington 10 Player Poker Table can a good option. This 10 player poker table has a fine printed high-quality light brown felt that offers it a professional look.

The black leather rails that are padded offer you the perfect support to rest your elbows in between playing the game. Its folding design makes sure that you can store it almost in any small space when not in use.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Elegant leather finish
  • Comes fully assembled
  • With built-in cup holders
  • Folding space-saving design
  • Ideal for professional players
  • Can’t fit in 10 people as mentioned
  • The cup holders are not deep enough to prevent the drink from being spilled accommodate the tumblers

#4 Giantex Folding Play Poker Table w/Cup Holder

Giantex Folding Play Poker TableAre you thinking of arranging a poker tournament then this Giantex Folding Play Poker Table is the ideal product that is specially designed for tournaments.

This 7 player poker table features a solid metal frame closely connected with the tabletop. This enables it to bear high pressure. The tabletop is made from MDF board that makes it sturdy and is fitted with a green quality felt. The edges are tenderly padded to offer your reclining body that extra support.

The felt is marked with professional blackjack poker layouts, rules and card placement areas and making it easier play. The tabletop is protected with polyester and PVC makes it easy to clean. There are 7 cup holders on the edges of its black rail that makes it convenient for you to place your refreshment bottles. The chop tray in the center of the table keeps the area neat and tidy.

Its folding design helps in easy storage. So, overall this can be a good deal to spend some quality time with your friends or family at home.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Unique shape
  • Includes a chip tray
  • Sturdy steel structure
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Foldable design makes it easy to store
  • Fits only 7 players
  • Made of cheap material
  • Cup holders are of small size

#5 Soozier 72″ Folded 7 Player Poker Blackjack Table with Chip&Cup Holder

Soozier 72" Folded 7 Player Poker Blackjack TableIf you love to drink while playing a game then this table is suitable for you. It’s because the table has 7 cup holders to keep your glasses secured in place while playing and minimizing the chances of spillage of any kind on the tabletop.

This unique shaped 7 player Portable Casino Poker Table is made of high-quality sturdy MDF top cover with a blue felt fabric fitted on the top. Its felt design resembles the professional blackjack poker layout and rules features 9 line chip trays and card placement areas. The casino-style padded black armrests promise ultimate comfort.

Its powder-coated sturdy steel legs with locking bar that can hold up to 65 pounds. It even features a half foldable design that makes it compact and portable. So, get home one and challenge your friends to an exciting poker tournament right away.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Easy folding design
  • Durable construction
  • Padded armrest rails
  • Sturdy legs with locking bar
  • The portable and unique shape
  • Areas marked for card placement and a chip tray
  • Cup holders are shallow
  • The chip tray is a bit wobbly
  • The particle board is a bit flimsy

#6 PEXMOR 8 Player Poker Table 48″ Octagon with Cup Holders

PEXMOR 8 Player Poker Table 48" OctagonIf you are looking for an easy to carry poker table then PEXMOR 8 Player Poker Table 48″ Octagon with Cup Holders can be a great option. This table has steel legs with welded brackets that can be folded. This design helps you carry around easily wherever you want and in easy storage.

The unique Octagon Poker Table is made of sturdy MDF top and powder-coated steel legs that make it capable of bearing high pressure. It features a blue felt and a black padded armrest allows you to comfortably rest your arms during those long playing sessions.

Unlike most poker tables that have shallow plastic cup holders, this table features 8 deep stainless steel cup holders that hold your beer bottle or paper cups safely. This ensures that you can enjoy some drinks while playing your poker games.

Its 48-inch extra-large tabletop can accommodate 8 players in total and is perfect for any kind of family and friends gatherings to help you enjoy some great moments.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Folding design
  • Padded armrest rails
  • Suitable for 8 players
  • With 8 deep cup holders
  • Ideal for various board games
  • Heavy-duty frame with octagonal top
  • Strong steel legs with welded steel brackets
  • NA

#7 BBO Poker Rockwell Poker Table for 10 Players

BBO Poker Rockwell Poker Table for 10 PlayersLooking for a poker table with that timeless old-world charm? This Poker Rockwell Poker Table for 10 Players by BBO is a tried and tested model that is an ideal fit for your gaming room.

An interesting thing about this poker table is you can convert it into an elegant dining table by purchasing a separate matching oval mahogany dining top and dining chairs. The Rockwell table can accommodate 10 players or diners.

This 44-inch oval-shaped timeless poker table features a mahogany finish featuring a solid oak claw foot base. You can pick a classic green-colored poker felt material to cover your tabletop or upgrade to the premium water-resistant suited speed cloth. The later smooth polyester weave fabric ensures that your cards slide faster.

The black-colored faux leather vinyl armrest offers ultimate comfort and is easy to clean. There are 10 built-in stainless steel cup holders to allow you to hold your drinks bottle to tumbler while you enjoy your game.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Accommodates 10 players
  • Convert it into a dining table
  • Solid oak claw-foot pedestal legs
  • Mahogany finish with premium vinyl armrest
  • There are 10 built-in stainless steel cup holders
  • Heavy and difficult to move

#8 KARMAS PRODUCT 8 Players Foldable Poker Table Casino Texas Game Table

KARMAS PRODUCT 8 Players Foldable Poker Table Casino Texas Game TableRecreate the magical Vegas experience at home with this extremely affordable KARMAS PRODUCT 8 Players Foldable Poker Table Casino Texas Game Table. Being available at a price of only XXX$ in Amazon it is considered as one of the most reasonably priced Folding Poker Tables in today’s market.

This oval-shaped poker table is constructed of MDF board and heavy-duty steel legs ensure stability. The surface is covered with a green smooth felt that gives you a comfortable experience. The tabletop is removable that makes it easy to clean.

The black padded rails offer ultimate comfort. It is designed for 8 players with an equal number of drink cup holders making it convenient for you to stay refreshed while playing your poker game. The metal legs can be folded which makes it easy to store.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Padded rail
  • Drink cup holder
  • Removable tabletop
  • Designed for 8 players
  • Strongly welded frame
  • Strong reinforced steel legs can be folded
  • NA

#9 BBO Poker Nighthawk Poker Table for 8 Players

BBO Poker Nighthawk Poker Table for 8 PlayersIf you are in search of an antique designed poker table that can be easily converted into your dining table then you should definitely go for this BBO Poker Nighthawk Poker Table for 8 Players.

It comes with a matching dining top to help you easily transform it into your dining or conference space. The scratch-resistant removable playing surface helps you change it into some other useful form. The water-resistant felt smooth polyester weave fabric provides faster card slides.

This 55-inch full black gloss finishes versatile Round Poker Table can accommodate 8 players. The solid oak claw foot pedestal adds to its elegance. The black gloss racetrack comes with a built-in chip tray.

The faux black leather vinyl armrest offers you comfort while playing. There are eight 4-inch stainless steel cup holders for added convenience.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Built-in chip tray
  • Ideal for 8 players
  • Easy to clean armrest
  • Stainless steel cup holders
  • Includes matching dining top
  • The removable scratch-resistant playing surface
  • Smooth polyester weave fabric for better performance
  • Very expensive
  • Heavy and difficult to move around

#3 Conclusion

Now that you have gone through our article, you must have noticed that all of them have a rating between 4 to 5 stars in Amazon. Remember whenever you decide to buy a poker table always get it from a reliable website.

When you order online, note the shipping and assembly charges carefully, then proceed further. If it is not assembled, then you should add the assembling cost. Always look for free shipping option or shipping charges that are usually dependent on the volume of the poker table.

If you consider all these points then you will know you have cracked the best online deal.


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