TOP 10 Best Pool Table Lights to Buy in 2020


Pool table lights when installed over a pool table helps to create a warm atmosphere and brightens up the overall playing area. This further ensures that there are no shadows and you can have a clear line of sight while aiming at the ball. You will come across some Unique Pool Table Lights in today’s market to pick from.

Proper lights prevent your eyes from being strained and offer you an enjoyable playing experience. The shades of these light fixtures are carefully crafted as per the regulation sizes.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best pool table lights that you can go through and select the one that meets your need and budget.

Best Pool Table Lights Reviews

#1 Things to Consider Before Buying Best Pool Table Lights

If you go through any of the Best Pool Table Lights Reviews you will get tips on which factors to consider while buying a pool table light. Mentioned below are a few of them:

Types of light – There are four standard types of pool table lights you can pick from namely 3-shade lights, 4-shade lights, 5-shade lights and tiffany lights.

The Pool Table Size plays a vital role while deciding which one to go for. The bigger the pool table more the number of light shades you would need to cover the entire area. For a small-sized table, a 3 shade light fixture is sufficient while for a big-sized table you would need a five shade light.

Material – While choosing a pool table light the material of both the shade and the fixture frame is important. If you are looking for a traditional option go for one with a brass fixture frame with clear or Stained Glass Pool Table Lights.

But for those who prefer modern design should pick up a stainless steel fixture frame with ribbed glass shade. The basic idea is to choose a material that is durable and matches the interior of your room.

Noise – Some models come with fans. But at times the sound of the fan spinning over the head gets really irritating. So, in this case, you should either opt for a model without a fan or go with the reputed brands the fans of which are less likely to become noisy over time.

Remote control – Most of the conventional pool table lights can be operated by pulling a string that hangs from the frame. But if the pool table is just under the light then it becomes difficult. So it is better to choose a model that can be operated with the help of remote control.

Ease to install – Remember pool tables that come with ceiling fans are heavier and therefore difficult to install. If you are not experienced then you might have difficulty to install such models. So, you can either take professional assistance or opt for simpler models that come without a fan.

The Pool Table Lights Dimension also decides whether it can be easily installed or not.

#2 Best Pool Table Lights Reviews 2020

#1 Wellmet Billiard Light for Pool Table

Wellmet Billiard Light for Pool Table

Too many shadows can alter your perception and ruin your shot. So go for this Wellmet Billiard Light for Pool Table that has 4 lamps ensuring that there no shadow on the table and help you play comfortably without any distractions.

The fixture of this 70-inch classic style pool table light is made of high-quality forged iron with 4 cone-shaped premium metallic shades. It features a black matte finish that makes it anti-rust and corrosion resistant. The stylish design with colourful billiard balls on the load-bearing adds to its elegance.

The 35.4″ long adjustable chain length lets you adjust as per your desired height. You need to use four E26 bulbs here for the best results.

The fixture works perfectly for your gaming room, Kitchen Island, dining room, pool table, restaurant, bar, warehouse, etc. It can be tagged as one of the Pool Table Pendant Lights based on the total number of 350 customer reviews that it has received on Amazon.

#1 Key features:

• 4-lights that minimize annoying shadows
• Anti-rust and corrosion resistant
• Adjustable hanging chain
• Heat dissipation ceramic bulb holder
• It is suitable for 8 to11ft pool tables
• Easy to install

#2 Alice House 31.5″ Pool Table Light

Alice House Pool Table Light

So, replace your old chandelier with this Alice House 31.5″ Pool Table Light. It comes in a charming design and helps create a nice and warm atmosphere in your gaming room or dining area.

This 31.5-inch ceiling mount pool table light features a rustic antique style. It is made of metal and has a brown finish that lends it an amazing look even from a distance.

The light is easy to assemble as it comes with proper detailed instructions. The product has been checked carefully before assembling to avoid any kind of quality issues. So, install it today and enjoy your new decorative item.

#1 Key features:

• Stylish and elegant lights
• 5 light kitchen pendant lighting
• Ceiling mount
• Dimmable
• Easy to install

#3 3-Light Pulley Pendant Adjustable Pool Table Lights

3-Light Pulley Pendant Adjustable Pool Table Lights

Want to give your gaming room a farmhouse vintage look? Then go for this exclusive 3-Light Pulley Pendant Adjustable Pool Table Lights today.

This unique pulley-styled linear-shaped corded-electric pool table light is made of metal. It comes in an orb-colour with an oil-rubbed finish. It is compatible with E26 vintage Edison LED Pool Table Lights that are included.

The adjustable pulley design not only adds a vintage charm and allows easy adjustment of the pendant height.

It is very easy to assemble, you only need to assemble the shades and bulbs. This pendant light works perfectly for above the pool table, living room, dining room, kitchen island, corridor, club, cafe bar, restaurant, library, reading room, etc. The product comes with 5-year warranty and after-sales support.

#1 Key features:

• 3-light pulley pendant lighting
• Oil rubbed finish
• Dimmable
• Fast and easy to assemble
• LED edison bulbs included
• ETL listed

#4 UNITARY Brand Black Antique Rustic Metal Modern Lights for Pool Table

UNITARY Brand Black Antique Rustic Metal Modern Lights for Pool Table

Be it your dining room, kitchen, living room or gaming room this UNITARY Brand Black Antique Rustic Metal Modern Lights for Pool Table is the perfect pick.
This black metal shade has an antique rustic finish. The metal iron is painted that makes it rust and corrosion-resistant.

Like most other Antique Pool Table Lights you need to use 120W Edison bulbs, dimmable LED bulbs or incandescent bulbs.

It is an ideal fit for the Basic Dimension of Regular Pool Tables. Apart from that It also works fine in your kitchen island, dining area, living room, foyers, bedroom, etc.

#1 Key features:

• 3 light shade fixture
• Painted finish
• The fixture is dimmable

#5 Wellmet 70” Pool Table Lights

Wellmet 70”Pool Table Lights

If the gorgeous hand-crafted artworks inspire you then you can’t stay away from this Wellmet 70” Pool Table Lights which is an artisan masterpiece. It can refresh the look of your kitchen or dining area with its warm texture feel.

This 70-inch classic rustic contemporary chandelier is crafted of baking finish iron and ceramic. The fixture comes in a black matter finish colour while the 4 cone-shaped shades are green outside white inside to reflect light. This corded-electric modern style pool light is built to last.

The adjustable chain lets you set as per your convenience. The light is compatible with all kinds of E26 bulbs like incandescent, max 60W, CFL and LED. It comes with full detailed instruction sheet that make assembling easy.

The Outdoor Pool Tables normally come with built-in lights so you need not buy separate lights for them.

#1 Key features:

• 4 cone-shaped hanging shades
• Extremely bright
• Dimmable
• Adjustable chain height
• Ideal for 8ft to11ft billiard tables
• Ceramic bulb base

#6 LOG BARN Pendant Pool Table Lighting

LOG BARN Pendant Pool Table Lighting

Do you feel that a chandelier with adjustable height would be of great help? Then you should go for this LOG BARN Pendant Pool Table Lighting that can be adjusted as between the height of 24.8-inch and 74.8″ without the use of any tools or parts.

This ceiling hanging light fixture has a wooden and black and metal finish. Its rustic design along with the rustic matte finish wood construction makes it one of the Cool Pool Table Lights.

It is designed for different ceiling types like flat, slanted and sloped ceilings. The fixture is powered by 6 E12 Base max 40W Bulbs. The package includes every part required for assembling and installation along with clearly marked cords making it easy to install. The product is designed to cast a soft ambient light all over your room.

#1 Key features:

• 6 light ceiling Hanging Fixture
• Produces soft ambient light
• Adjustable height
• Simple installation
• Fully dimmable

#7 LAKIQ 3 Lights Island Light Hanging Pool Table Light

LAKIQ 3 Lights Island Light Hanging Pool Table Light

Do you want to give your cafe a new refined classy look then go for this LAKIQ 3 Lights Island Light Hanging Pool Table Light that comes with Special Billiard Ball Decoration that will add a spark of contemporary style to your cafe.

This black-coloured hanging metallic light fixture features a clear glass bowl-shaped shade radiating amber-coloured hue. It is powered by an electric cord and designed for indoor use.

It has bulb bases for 3 E26/E27 lights. The 100cm chain is adjustable and can be set as per your requirement. Apart from a café, it would look equally good in your dining room, living room, kitchen, bar, restaurants and gaming room.

#1 Key features:

• 3 hanging light fixture
• Clear glass shade
• Special colourful billiard ball decoration
• Adjustable chain height

#8 Kira Home Griffin 34″ 5-Lights for Pool Tables

Kira Home Griffin 34 5-Lights for Pool Tables

Elevate the look of your gaming room with this open design Kira Home Griffin 34″ 5-Lights for Pool Tables.

This 34-inch modern farmhouse style ceiling light features decorative oak style wood panels and unique sockets. It is made of glass and metal and has an oil-rubbed bronze finish. The adjustable chain helps you hand as per your desired height.

It is can be fitted in a sloped ceiling and the lights can be dimmed. Works perfect for above your dining areas, kitchen counters, conference table, pool tables and other areas with high ceilings. It is compatible with CFL, LED or up to 60W traditional incandescent medium base bulb. The product comes with a 1-year warranty.

#1 Key features:

• Linear chandelier
• 5-light fixture
• Adjustable chain
• Compatible with bulbs of up to 60W
• Easy to install
• ETL listed for dry areas

#9 ANJULL 35.4″ Kitchen Island Lighting

ANJULL Kitchen Island Lighting

This ANJULL 35.4″ Kitchen Island Lighting boasts of an openwork rustic-finished wood and casts a soft ambient light all over your room. It comes in a black matte metal finish that complements the look. So, by installing this light fixture you can enjoy a cozy and comfortable atmosphere at home.

This 35.4-inch light fixture comes with a total of 8 rods. The height of the light fixture can be altered by adjusting the rods. It has 4 E26 base bulbs and the light of the bulbs can be controlled with the dimmer switch.

The easy-to-follow instruction sheet of this light fixture make sit extremely easy to assemble. Being available at only XXX$ on Amazon it can be considered as one of the most Affordable Pool Tables that you will come across today.

#1 Key features:

• 4 – light chandelier
• Total of 8 rods
• Adjustable height rods
• Fully dimmable
• Easy to assemble

#10 GSE Games 59″ Hanging Billiard Light for 7ft/8ft/9ft Pool Tables

GSE Games 59 Hanging Billiard Light for 7ft 8ft 9ft Pool Tables

Give your gaming room a brand new look by installing this GSE Games 59″ Hanging Billiard Light for 7ft/8ft/9ft Pool Tables. Its colourful billiard balls go perfectly with the overall ambiance of the room and lift your gaming spirit.

This 59-inch classic style lamp fixture is made of metal and shatter-resistant glass. It features heavy-duty black metal shades with white high-gloss reflection white painting inside. It has 15 colourful inlaid pool balls giving it an attractive look.

The adjustable metal chains let you set the hanging distance. The mounting hardware and clear instructions make assembling easy. The light is a great option to be used in a game room, man cave, pub bar, restaurant or dining rooms.

#1 Key features:

• 3-heavy-duty lamp shades
• Beautified with colourful billiard balls
• Fits 7 or 8 ft pool tables
• Uses 60 to 150watt bulbs
• Adjustable metal chains
• Passed UL certification
• Includes mounting hardware and instructions

#11 Bribyit Kitchen Island Pool Table Lighting

Bribyit Kitchen Island Pool Table Lighting

When you want to give your farmhouse a makeover then this Bribyit Kitchen Island Pool Table Lighting with its retro wood design can be an ideal pick that is considered an ideal piece of lighting for farmhouse, coastal and transitional style spaces.

This 33.5-inch rustic wood grain faux painted finish pool table light is made of wood and classic iron. The rectangular pendant light has an adjustable chain ranging from 9.5 to 48.9″ allowing easy height adjustment.

The fixture is easy to install. You can install it in both flat and slightly sloping ceilings. It is compatible with E26 Type Max 40W. It is fully dimmable when you use it with a dimmer bulb.

#1 Key features:

• 5 Lights Linear Chandelier
• Plenty of light
• Adjustable height chain
• Compatible with E26 base type bulbs
• UL bulb sockets
• Fully dimmable
• Easy to install

#3 Conclusion

Now that you have gone through our article, you must have seen that products have a rating of 4 to 5 stars on Amazon. But only buying a good quality and beautiful looking pool table light is not enough. You need to know how to install it properly so that you don’t face any issues.

Some of the problems related to improper installation are a loose connection, unsteady fixture, lights falling off, etc. So if you are confident, it is better you assign the task of installation to some professional electrician.


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