TOP 12 Best Sportcraft Foosball Tables Review 2020


Best Sportcraft Foosball Tables Review : Foosball is very casual and fun activity to do with your friends and family. Recently, it has been gaining a lot of popularity with the fun night culture in trend. When you investigate the advanced organizations today, their office condition and the insides, you will see plenty of changes.

These days, the cutting edge workplaces incorporate lounges, open idea, free espresso, and shockingly foosball tables as well. Foosball tables go about as an extraordinary frill as it causes workers to hang out together at break time, they find the opportunity to draw nearer and this, at last, helps in structure solidarity.

You will find the best sports craft foosball table and sports craft foosball replacement parts in all the renowned online stores and local offline stores as well.

Best Sportcraft Foosball Tables Review

#1 Where to Buy Best Sportcraft Foosball Tables ?

  • : Well everything is available on amazon so the foosball tables. Amazon is the only online store which has the foosball tables from sports craft of all kinds starting from $96  to $579
  • : They certainly are available in eBay, and you can consider eBay if you can find it cheaper
  • : They all sell foosball table if in above two option are not available to you then is the place where you check these tables.

Stores like are dedicated to only foosball products with varied brands, and sports craft foosball table is easy to pick in these stores.

#2 Best Sportcraft Foosball Tables Review 2020

#1 Sportcraft AMF Torino Table

Sportcraft AMF Torino Table

Made with one of the most expensive wood in the market,  best sports craft foosball table has already made its space to one of the best and most costly tables available in the market.

The high and beautiful quality dark cherry wood has always been known for its built strength and sturdiness and used in making of this table.

Though it is not meant for any kind of professional tournament, it still is an ideal choice for people looking out for a fun activity in their office or living spaces.

Talking about the built of the product, this table is a good option compared to the ones available in a similar price range for it. The men of the game are placed appropriately and are counterbalanced. Though a little downside would be the stick controlling it, they are a bit heavy, and you might miss on some shots while handling it.

Next up is the battlefield, which is the base where the ball is in action. It is quoted with melamine which in turn prevents any kind of abrasion, and you get a comfortable movement of the ball all around.

The rods that hold the men are made of steel, and the scoring style is very conventional and classic chrome bead one. Moving on to the size of the table, it is a medium sized table which can easily fit in any space and will not require any dedicated position. You can even move it as per your convenience.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Counterbalanced men
  • Build from high quality dark cheery wood
  • Steel rods are quite heavy

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#2 Sportcraft Oxford Table

Sportcraft Oxford Table

One of the fascinating foosball table available in the market is this one. The lavish style and its design are something that catches the attraction in the first look itself.

This table is designed in a very opulent and antique style with all polished wooden shining around. While talking about the intriguing form of this table, we also come across the storage capacity that this table comes up with.

The table holds a good capacity beneath the playing space to hold stuff and is the best sports craft foosball table which also comes with cup holders next to the scoring system.

This is a very convenient alternative for people to hold and stand their drinks while playing foosball and having fun at the very same time. Since the capacity of the table is good enough, the size is also big compared to what we generally. Therefore, the table might require a dedicated location and will occupy space in your place.

As good as it looks, this is an average table if you are looking for something professional or regular or consistent usage. For the price range that this product is being sold, you might get some better options, but that won’t come with storage space like this one.

The table is completely carved of furniture grade wood and dark cherry stain finish. Also, the cup holders are made of metal which will make the process of cleaning and clearing very feasible.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Metal cup holder
  • Hand-carved football men
  • Storage cabinet underplaying table
  • Big and requires space

#3 Sportcraft AMF Varsity Table

Sportcraft AMF Varsity Table

This foosball table is made completely from high grade materials. from built to structure to the materials used, and it is a perfect combination of class with grade. The weight of this is quite heavy, but the metal supporters beneath the legs make it comfortable to move when required.

The table is good with a height of 5 feet for a comfortable movement during the game. The table is also equipped with metal holders for your cups and glasses to stand.

The rod of the game is made of metal which makes it a bit heavy for movement. But also, it can be an advantage to hit the bull’s eye. Though you get to shoot a perfect shot, it is slowing the actions. The men mounted on the rod comes with a rounded toe which again tends to give a miss on the shot. The ball usually gets out of control during the game.

But another interesting feature it posses is that the return of side ball is made to the center of the table. This saves the work of positioning of ball after every game. The leg levelers of the table are very precise and positioned accurately, adding more enjoyment and fewer worries to the gaming experience.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Durable
  • Appropriate for prolonged use
  • Precise leg levelers
  • Heavy
  • The round toe of the men mounted to stick

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#4 Sportcraft AMF Coliseum Table

Sportcraft AMF Coliseum Table

The perfect blend of brown with a tint of gold adds to the elegance of this table. The foosball table is made with extreme care and precise finish. The look also adds to the aesthetic to any old traditional home style with all wood structure.

This table makes a very great furniture piece for your living space. You can easily fit it in your home or at your office space and have a great time playing with it.

The built of the table is quite sleek with the metal rods and counterbalanced players. Also, the toes of the men are rounded in this table which gives a miss while hitting a shot and is not a feasible option.

The handles attached to these metal sticks are polished veneer grips which can slip from hands if not held properly. This can be injurious in some cases, so be careful while using it.

The table is made more for fun gaming and less of professional playing. This would not be an ideal option for professionals who are looking to play for longer hours. The melamine coated playfield makes the swinging of ball very smooth.

Another interesting feature that is observed in this table is the 3 men goalkeeper who is something not found in every table. This table also comes with a cabinet which not as big as the previous one but is quite spacious.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Skillful design
  • Made of wood
  • Comes with a cabinet
  • 3 men goalkeeper
  • Manufacturing has been discontinued
  • The grip is not the best

#5 Sportcraft Stadium Table

Sportcraft Stadium Table

As the name says, this table gives more of a stadium kind of look rather than the conventional foosball. This chic table is specially designed for the purpose of the tournament.

The designing is done in a way this is the most convenient option for tournaments. The high-quality wood that it is made with veneer finish just adds to the beauty of the product.

The counterbalanced player hooked to the stick comes with the traditional toes, which again is not the most convenient option but is still a good choice looking at the rest of the specification the table.

The rods to which these me are attached are quite solid and not the regular hollow ones which might restrict the movement at times. But once you get the hang of it, it can be comfortable to play. Also, they are a bit thinner than the regular sticks with a wooden handle.

The rock-solid wooden design of the table also makes its best sports craft foosball table. The size of this table is good enough to fit in any space and is not very big. The table is similar to that of official tournament one.

Also, the best part is that the complete playfield comes with markings as the actual professional game, which obviously adds the boost and feel of the game.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Specially curated for tournament
  • Comes with markings
  • Nice finish with a beautiful design
  • Heavy sticks
  • Rounded toe men

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#6 Sportcraft ESPN Striker Table

Sportcraft ESPN Striker Table

With the very famous ESPN logo around the table, this table is priced on a bit higher end. This good quality table can be an ideal option for ESPN fans mainly because of the fact that it holds its logo. Talking about the built, it is not the best you can get.

Out of multiple other options available in the market, the buyers are seen an option for other rather than this one due to multiple reasons.

In a hustle to modernize the game, the robot looking men that are stick to the rods are not feasible for hitting on the shots. The table also lacks some basic features, which are why many people have dropped the plan to hit on this piece.

Rest the design and finish of the table very beautiful which adds as a great piece of furniture to your space. Adding to it, the table is specifically made to serve for only entertainment purpose and not any professional use.

The sturdy built with balancing legs and a metal base add to the design of the table. The set comes with 2 classic white sanded and 2 orange sanded foosball balls. Also, surface of the playfield is melamine coated for smooth movement if the ball.

The legs of the table are adjustable as per your requirement. Since the size of the foosball table is smaller than the usual one, it cannot be used for any professional gaming. The rods are quite light in weight.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Adjustable legs
  • ESPN logo
  • Multiple balls
  • Less features

#7 Sportcraft Hartford Table

Sportcraft Hartford Table

This table goes to very dicey situations when it comes to customer review and quality. Hartford foosball table stands in the middle of the scale, starting from the best to the worst.

This is not the best option but also not the worst as well. This is recommended foosball table model for people who are looking for an affordable table for casual gaming and not someone who is very much into the game and is a regular professional player.

One of the most hated things about the table is that the player in the field is roboted. In the process of modernizing the table and its features, they have cut short on this very important aspect of the game.

This also lets the ball suffer during the shot and most of the time can give a miss while hitting. The chrome-plated adjustable leg leveler with the table it a very convenient option to place it and play on a straight surface.

The setup comes with a 3-man goalie design which is again a good positioning for the comfortable gaming experience. The scoring system of the game is the traditional bead style scoring and is inclusive of 4 sanded foosball balls.

Also, after hitting the goal, end ball does return like most of the foosball table. Also the sticks come with a good grip to get hold of it quite easily, which is again a very great feature to be considered.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Chrome-plated sticks
  • 3 man goalie system
  • Adjustable legs
  • Average quality

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#8 Sportcraft Melbourne Table

Sportcraft Melbourne Table

Like most of the tables mentioned in this list, this table is also meant for a non-professional affair and not for anything professional. The design of the table is very shiny and lustrous and modish with all black and silver.

While the conventional tables are made of regular wood with polished surface and brown color, the color selection of this table is what differentiates this from other foosball tables available in the market.

Though, the material of the table is made of is plastic with MDF, it still stands to the test of strength and durability. The design, of course, is unique and attractive at the very same time. Another important feature includes leg levelers which now can be seen best sports craft foosball table.

Since this game is made for entertainment purpose, it is equally important to stand it in a comfortable position. This is where the leg levelers come really handy and convenient.

Next up is the side ball return which is also something common yet useful seen in most of the tables. Also, the 3-goalie system in the players heats up the game, and you are all set for short fun matches now. With a moderate price range, this product can be an ideal option if you are looking for an affordable deal.

Talking about the sticks, they are made of steel with the players attached to it. The players also come with a round toe. The grip of the stick is also very convenient with rubber to hold makes the movements quicker and precise.

It comes with a bead style scoring which can be seen at both the sides of the table. Along with this is also included four sanded foosball balls.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Leg levellers available
  • Intriguing design
  • 3 goalie system
  • Plastic material

#9 Sportcraft Aurora Table

Sportcraft Aurora Table

This table holds a very fashionable sense to a foosball table game. The robust design that this table holds with a futuristic look can add a great aesthetic to your living space.

The legs are quite wide and take a good hold over the table and on the floor. Though the feature of adjusting the length is not available, still this holds a very attractive design to your space.

You can easily place at any place in the room as it does not occupy much of space.

This is more suited for beginners who have just begun with their experience in foosball. For anyone who has been into this game for a very long time, this is not the best that you can have. The black and silver color of the table adds to the attraction of it.

The sticks are not very heavy with a comfortable grip stuck to it. The players again have a round toe giving a miss on complex shots when attempted.

The rods that come along with this are pre-installed, and you do not have to assemble it separately. The scoring system of this one is not the conventional bead scoring, but it comes a chrome scoring which is again a good thing to look upon. The legs are arcade-style which look very classy and chic.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Arcade-style legs
  • Chic and classy look
  • Futuristic design
  • Missing leg levelers

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#10 Sportcraft Interceptor Table

Sportcraft Interceptor Table

Though the manufacturing of this table has been discontinued, you can still find it in many places where it says sports craft foosball table for sale. These table does not come in the best quality but can be an ideal option for easy gaming evening with friends and family.

Also, this one is quite similar to the ESPN model, though a little different from the rest.  The design of this one is also very attractive with keeping the simplicity at its best.

While talking about the weight of the table, this one comes on a bit heavier side weighing almost 95 pounds. The sticks come with a plastic handle which does get tear-off on rigorous use.

The good part is that it has leg levelers for you to adjust as per your requirement. Next, it comes with 4 sanded foosball balls with 2 being white in color and the other 2 are orange. Scoring is the manual bead type, and the players are designed in a robot style.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Leg levelers
  • Simple design
  • 4 sanded foosball
  • Heavy
  • Discontinued by manufacturer

#11 Sportcraft Python Hydro Table

Sportcraft Python Hydro Table

If you are searching some high quality product for your kids, then your search is over. This foosball table is specially designed for kids who would love to get into the game of foosball. This actually is something  which is in the novelty factor rather than actual gameplay for kids.

This is not a recommendation for people who actually want to get into the game and play it professionally. The complete setup is also equipped with the sports craft foosball table assembly instructions.

Since the designing is done for kids, it has many attractive features which can be a fascinating thing for children playing it. The electronic scoring feature that it holds is quite attractive. Also, it has a speaker out which actually calls out the score.

Since it is not for adults, the handles are made of plastic attached to light weighted steel sticks. The players are a mold of plastic with rounded toes and a single goalkeeper like an actual soccer game. The table has a side ball return feature, and it is quite light in weight.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Cost efficient
  • Electric scoring with sound effects
  • Not the best build quality

#12 Sportcraft Playmaker Table

As the name itself suggests, the sole purpose of this type is table is to play and have fun. This is another feasible option for kids who want to play fun with foosball. The built quality is kept light and material used in its making is not the best or high quality.

It is actually designed for rough use as the kids always do. This is also considered to be one of the best sports craft foosball tables and has therefore made  it to the list of sports craft foosball table reviews.

The designing is done more in the way of a toy than a proper table game. Since it is lightweight, it shakes and moves on vigorous actions. The rods that are involved are chrome plated with the layers being of plastic material. The goalkeepers are 3 men arrangement. Also, the table has leg levelers which make it more feasible for kids to hang around it.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Safe for kids
  • Durable
  • Leg levelers included
  • Lightweight
  • Not the best quality

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#3 Conclusion

Considering different factors and making a note form customers point of view, we have bought you the foosball table review of all the types and high quality tables that are available in the market. You can now choose from it as per your budget and purpose.


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