TOP Best Tornado Foosball Tables Review 2020


Best Tornado Foosball Tables Review

Best Tornado Foosball Tables Review : Foosball tables are an all-time favorite as they not only provide entertainment but even allow people from various age groups to play together. While there are many foosball tables in the market, you need to be careful before investing in one. For your convenience, we have bought some of the best Tornado Foosball tables from which you can select your favorite table. The foosball tables from Tornado have several features that can help you in the game. Form providing varieties in the type of foosball to having different goalies on the table, Tornado designs each table with perfection and claims to bring the best quality to its customers.

#1 Why consider Tornado Foosball tables?

Below are the Tornado Foosball Tables Reviews, which will help you in your decision, but before going through the reviews, here are some of the reasons as to why you should consider buying a foosball table from Tornado.

  • Variety: Tornado provides a large number of variety to its customers from which they can choose a foosball table. If you are looking for a classic foosball table, then the Tornado Elite Foosball Table can be a perfect choice for your home. Meanwhile, if you are a professional player or if you are looking for a strong foosball table for your bar or club, then the Tornado Tournament 3000 can help you there. For each specific atmosphere, Tornado provides a perfect foosball table.
  • Material: While investing in a foosball is a high investment; one expects that the material of the foosball table is good. The wooden variety of foosball tables from Tornado are made of high quality wood, which will not deteriorate easily. While on the other hand, the stainless steel version of the foosball tables by Tornado provides both immense strength and durability to the table. The dimension of Foosball Table is also an important aspect that you should consider.
  • Automatic Levelers: The Best Tornado Foosball Tables have adjustable levelers, which can help in adjusting the height of the table so that players can play the game easily. Most of the foosball tables in the market do not have such levelers, which makes it difficult to play as the height of the players varies. With adjustable levelers, you can adjust the height of the table according to your choice.
  • Cost: Foosball tables can cost a fortune, but Tornado is here to save you again. The foosball tables from Tornado come at different prices. The wooden foosball tables from Tornado are affordable, and you can be sure that the material of the wood is good. Though the stainless steel foosball tables are costly as they are made according to industry level, the wooden tables are cheap.
  • Goalies and Men: The number of goalies and men in the table are important. Tornado provides tables with one person goalie as well as three men goalie. Tables with one man goalie are great for beginners as it will help them to learn the game faster. If you are a professional player, then you can buy tables with three men goalie. The ball control and the counterbalanced men in every Tornado foosball table make it easier to play and have control over the game.
  • Replacement: The warranty from Tornado covers everything in the foosball table. If you get a broken leg, a missing piece, or scratched rods, then you can easily replace the part by contacting Tornado. It can also be a good idea to use the Used Tornado Foosball Tables for Sale.

So always go through the Tornado Foosball Tables Reviews and then buy the best one among them that perfectly suits your choice.

#2 Best Tornado Foosball Table Reviews 2020

#1 Tornado Sport Foosball Table

Tornado Sport Foosball Table

If you are looking for a classic foosball table to enhance the picture of your house, then the Tornado is here to help you. The Tornado Sport Foosball table will give you a classic atmosphere with its simplicity and the rich color. Made with Mahogany Melamine wood, this particular foosball is perfect for entertainment in a house party and is also a suitable gift choice for parents and grandparents.

The Tornado Sport Foosball Table is the Best Coin Operated Foosball Table, and it has a 1-inch thick cabinet, where you can keep the essentials. Along with that, the table also has adjustable legs, which can fix according to height requirement. It also has plastic handles with great grip so that you wouldn’t lose a game due to loose grip. The quality of the wood is excellent, and it can be assembled at home. Moreover, this foosball table is durable, and you do not have to worry that the wood swell up due to moisture or any such problem, as it comes with guarantee. The warranty covers everything, be it a broken handle, or crack in the table; you will surely get a replacement for Human Foosball.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • It is built with Mahogany wood
  • The height of the table can be adjusted
  • The grip of the handles are good
  • The warranty covers all the parts of the foosball table
  • The assembling of the table is difficult

#2 Valley-Dynamo Tornado Classic Foosball Table

Valley-Dynamo Tornado Classic Foosball Table

If you are a fan of the “Friends” TV show, then you would probably love this foosball table by Tornado. The Valley-Dynamo Tornado Classic Foosball Table is a replica of the foosball table used in “Friends” by Joey and Chandler. The foosball table has black leather laminate finish and one and a half-inch cabinet. A perfect table for experts as well as beginners, this foosball table will even help in teaching the beginners. Apart from that, the table has adjustable commercial-grade leg levelers, which can increase or decrease the height of the table to help the players in attaining the perfect grip of the table.

Moreover, this foosball table from Tornado has counterbalanced men, which means that it will remain fixed once they are placed and won’t rotate during the game, hence providing a pleasant experience. The table comes with three goalies on each side, excellent rods for playing and is easy to assemble. You can assemble the table by reading the instructions given in the manual, and you are ready for a nice game. The look of the table is amazing; the quality of the wood is great, and that black leather laminate finish makes it quite durable.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • The table is durable
  • It has three goalies on each side
  • It can be used by experts as well as beginners
  • The men are counterbalanced to ensure that they do not spoil the game by rotating
  • As the rods are made of solid woods, the grip is tight and difficult to move

#3 Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

The Tornado tournament 3000 foosball table is made according to the industry standards. As the name suggests, this foosball is suitable for foosball competition, and you can find one of these in pubs or bars where a foosball tournament happens. Though you can use this foosball table for your house, it is slightly higher in price as compared to other foosball tables.

This particular foosball table by Tornado has excellent strength and is durable too. It has heat-treated hollow steel rods for excellent grip, has counterbalanced players, and even has a scorekeeper who would record the scores and the number of games, so you don’t have to worry about any cheating happening in the game. Furthermore, this Tornado foosball table has three goalies on each side and is Single Goalie ITSF certified, which states the quality of the table and the goalies in the table.

The stainless steel laminated finish improves the durability of the table over wood foosball tables. It even adds strength to the table and meets the industry standards of a competition level foosball table. This table can fit in any room and can be used immediately after the assembling is done. Though the design of the foosball table is not that great, don’t judge it with looks, the table has immense strength, is durable than any other table in the market, and has nice features too.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • The table is of freestanding style
  • The table even comes with a scorekeeper
  • It meets the standards of a competition level foosball table
  • The stainless steel finish increases the durability of the foosball table over wood foosball tables
  • It is heavy, which makes it difficult to put the parts together
  • This foosball table is costlier than other foosball tables in the list

#4 Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table with 1-Man Goalie

Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table with 1-Man Goalie

The Tornado T-3000 foosball table is a one-man goalie table, which means that there would be a single goalie on each side. However, the table has a stainless steel laminate finish instead of wood or leather finish, which makes it more reliable and long lasting than most of the tables. This foosball table is made concerning the standards of industrial level, which makes the table suitable for rough play.

This foosball table from Tornado has counterbalanced men, steel rods for the perfect grip, and also has a scorekeeper. You will not see a scorekeeper in normal wooden foosball tables, but as this is made according to the industrial levels, you will find a scorekeeper in the table which will record the scores and the number of games that the players have played. Apart from that, the cabinet is commercial grade cabinet, and you can open it from the top too.

As the table has counterbalanced players, you can remain assured that the players won’t change position until and unless you make them do so. In addition to the above point, this foosball table lets you have full control over the ball so that you can play easily. It’s a good replacement for the Tornado Classic Foosball Tables ( Discontinued ) version.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • The table is made according to industry level
  • The steel rods provide excellent grip to the players
  • As it has a stainless steel finish, this table has longer durability
  • It even comes with a scorekeeper to record the game count and the scores
  • This foosball table only has one goalie on each end

#5 Valley-Dynamo Tornado Elite Foosball Table

Valley-Dynamo Tornado Elite Foosball Table

Tornado Elite Foosball Tables renamed as Valley-Dynamo Tornado Elite foosball table is everything that you need to complete the look of that antique farmhouse or the hall of your house. This foosball table is made from Victorian Cherry wood and has laminate finishing of the same quality. Furthermore, the table features natural wood handles, while other foosball tables have rods of mixed quality. As the foosball table has split bearings, it becomes easier to maintain the table.

You might be worried that as it is made of wood, it might not last long, but the Valley-Dynamo Tornado Elite foosball table will prove you wrong in this case. It is not only durable but even comes with features such as dual ball returns, solid gauge rods, adjustable legs, and is suitable for a professional player.

Moreover, this foosball table has three men goalie, which means that on each side there would be three goalies to defend the opponent, thus giving a tough competition. This table is suitable for pro players, as beginners can learn faster in one man goalie foosball table. This table is worth every penny, and you can even play with your family with this foosball.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • This table is easy to maintain
  • It features dual ball returns
  • This foosball table has three goalies on each side
  • The rods are made of solid wood, thus giving an excellent grip
  • This table is not suitable for beginners

#6 Tornado Worthington Foosball Table

Tornado Worthington Foosball Table

The Worthington foosball table is the perfect table to play foosball with friends. It is neither too classic nor too modern in appearance, which makes it more attractive. The table has 3-piece split bearings, which helps in moving the table smoothly.

There are some nice features which this particular foosball table has. Some of the features are dual side ball returns, urethane textured foosballs, and even provides the players with full control over the ball and the men, to have a great game. You can even adjust the height of the foosball table, thanks to the commercial adjustable legs that the table has.
By appearance, the table ahs a two-tone color appearance, with the legs in black while the rest of the body is in the shade of wood. The table even has a new crosshatch foot design in the men, which improves the ball control during the game. If you are looking for a foosball, which is a mixture of both classic and modern era, then this will definitely suit you.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • The table has solid wood handles
  • It has dual side ball return feature
  • This foosball table has split bearings, which can help it in moving.
  • The men have new crosshatch foot design for better control
  • You cannot assemble the table by yourself as it is really heavy

#7 Tornado T-3000 Coin Foosball Table – 3 Goalies

Tornado T-3000 Coin Foosball Table - 3 Goalies

This version of the Tornado T-3000 Coin Foosball table is the platinum tour edition of the foosball table and covers up all the disadvantages and shortcomings that the previous edition had. The foosball table has three goalies on each side for better defense, has sharper corners for better ball control, and even has better foot design for the counterbalanced men to make sure that the defense mechanism is strong. One unique feature that this foosball table has is the interchangeable handle system, which allows the player to easily switch between handles without losing grip.

Tornado Foosball Tables Parts have nice grip, and even the height of the table can be adjusted. Apart from that, the foosball table has fifteen foosballs and will even provide you with a bottle of silicone. The split bearings make the maintenance of the table easier, and the steel laminate finish ensures that the table is a long lasting one. These are much better than the Foosball Tables By Kick Brand.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • The table has interchangeable handles
  • It includes 15 foosballs in the table
  • The men are counterbalanced
  • The table has easy maintenance
  • It is heavy which makes it difficult to assemble by a single person

#3 FAQs

#1 Are Tornado Foosball Tables durable?

Yes, the Tornado Foosball tables are durable, and they will last with you for a long time. The high quality material used in the Best Tornado Foosball Tables makes it the premium choice for the people.

#2 Which one is the best Tornado foosball table?

The Valley-Dynamo Classic Tornado foosball table is one of the best foosball tables by Tornado.

#3 Can I replace the parts of the Tornado foosball tables?

Yes, Tornado provides parts for replacement in the foosball tables

#4 How heavy are the Tornado foosball tables?

A normal foosball table by Tornado would weigh form 200-300 pounds in an average

#5 Where to buy used Tornado foosball table for sale?

You can buy used Tornado foosball tables from sites that sell second-hand items at a low price, or else you can buy it from Tornado’s official website too.

#6 Which are the discontinued Tornado foosball tables?

The Tornado Classis Foosball Table, Tornado Whirlwind Foosball Table, and the Tornado Cyclone Foosball Tables are the discontinued foosball tables from Tornado.

#4 Conclusion

So here were the Tornado Foosball tables Reviews, which consist some of the best Tornado foosball tables from which you can select one for your house. There are many foosball table companies which provide some of the best foosball tables, but the features that the Tornado foosball tables provide, are not yet found in any other foosball company. There are some foosball tables that are not manufactured anymore though the company still produces the Best Foosball Tables in the market.


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