TOP Best Warrior Foosball Table Reviews 2021


Best Warrior Foosball Table are seen to be a very popular addition to any gaming room and a great investment. In today’s market, you will come across many varieties. But in order to ensure that you invest in the right table see how well it fulfills the need of your family.

Warrior Foosball Table is a leading foosball table manufacturer in the USA. Their team includes professional players having over 200 years of experience not only in tournament style play but also in dealing with tables.

Whether you are a new foosball player or an enthusiast looking for a foosball table, you can take a look at this article of our where we have reviewed some of the popular models that will give you a better idea.

Best Warrior Foosball Table Reviews

#1 Things to Consider Before Buying Best Foosball Table

To know which factors you need to consider while buying a Warrior foosball table you can take a look at some of Best Warrior Foosball Table reviews. Some of them have been highlighted below:

Size – A standard full size is 56” long and 30” wide. But this width does not include the fully extended rods. So, always see to it that there is enough space in the room for handling the rods and for moving around after placing the table. Normally, it is recommended to go for a foosball table with a playing surface of 7-feet by 8-feet.

Construction – Foosball tables can be made of solid wood, composite and particleboard. Here, the first one is of the highest quality while the last one is of low quality. Composite falls in between. Unlike wooden tables composite is not affected by humidity and won’t wrap. Particleboard is a very cheap material that weakens with time.

Table surface – Along with the other factors it is also important to check the surface of a foosball table as it determines the speed of the ball. Harder and smoother the surface ensures faster movement of the ball while playing. Always go for the laminate style instead of stick-on designs as the later can peel and roll up and cause difficulty in playing.

Playing rods – Playing rods should always be made of steel. Hollow rods are considered the best as they can speed up your gameplay as they are lightweight. Most of the high-end foosball tables usually have hollow rods.

Table levelers – To ensure that you get to play a fair game always choose a foosball table that comes with leg levelers. This helps you adjust the table and attain a leveled surface. This is also a desirable feature in both Air Hockey and Ping Pong.

#2 Best Warrior Foosball Table Reviews 2021

#1 Warrior Table Soccer Pro Foosball Table

Warrior Table Soccer Pro Foosball Table This Warrior Table Soccer Pro Foosball Table is Tournament Certified and is ideal for players of all ages. With a total of 101 user reviews, you can see for yourself how popular it is.

This 56-inch black-colored table has a green playing surface. It is fitted with 14mm high-quality solid chrome-plated rods. There is a rod guard system that prevents accidental injury.

Its pro tournament foosball black and red-colored men are designed with ridged feet to offer a better grip and ball control. They are counterbalanced with split bearings for smoother and faster shots. The arcade-style ball return system is channeled to the center of the table.

The swivel foot levelers make it easy to level the surface of the table. The foosball table can be easily assembled in only around 25 minutes with one simple tool.

This table is really affordable being priced at only XXX$, but if you are looking for Foosball Table under 500$, then you need to check out some other product.

  • Sturdy table
  • Integrated leg levelers
  • Fast and easy to assembly
  • Includes 2 Warrior tournament balls
  • Solid steel rods with bumpers and handles
  • The rod guard system provides additional safety
  • The ball return system is not very effective

#2 Warrior Soccer LED Enhanced Table

Warrior Soccer LED Enhanced Table Are you looking for a foosball table that can add some excitement to your recreation room? Then you should go for this Warrior Soccer LED Enhanced Table that comes with a variable green LED lighting fitted around the playfield along with remote control.

This 56-inch foosball table boasts of solid construction and comes in a green and black combination. There are 11 players in a combination of red and black on each side with a single goalie design with banked corners. The ball control system ensures perfect shots.

The steel rods come with a rod guard system providing ultimate protection and keeping the players safe. It features an improved ball return system so that you dint need to hunt for the balls here and there. The leg levelers offer a proper even playing surface.
A rating of 3.8 says that it is a popular Warrior professional foosball table.

  • 4 Player table
  • Easy to assemble
  • LED enhanced table
  • Durable construction
  • Pro style ball return
  • Leg levelers for an even surface
  • Comes with 2 Warrior tournament balls
  • Cheap the quality parts
  • The rods get squeaky really quick

#3 Warrior Table Soccer Black Light Foosball Table

Warrior Table Soccer Black Light Foosball Table When safety is your biggest concern then you should definitely go for this Warrior Table Soccer Black Light Foosball Table as it is a Tournament Certified foosball table. Apart from the safety feature, it comes with special Black light Foosball Balls and men that make the game even more interesting.

This black and green 56-inch foosball table is the fastest to assemble. The pro tournament foosball men feature ridged feet that offers better ball control. The unique rod guard system offers the ultimate safety of players of all ages.

It is highly preferred by professional players for its challenging features and by families for its ease of playing and the safety features.

  • Solid steel rods
  • Tournament Certified table
  • With black light foosmen and foosball
  • The quality split bearing ensures powerful shots
  • NA

#4 Warrior Table Soccer 8 Man Foosball Table

Warrior Table Soccer 8 Man Foosball Table If you enjoy playing foosball at night then try using this Warrior Table Soccer 8 Man Foosball Table. Its variable LED lights are fitted all around the playfield and can be controlled with remote control. You can even change the color of this light with a press of the button.

This black and green is a 56-inch is highly durable and player-friendly. Its14mm solid steel rods ensure powerful shots. Its unique rod guard system offers the safety of all players.

Its black melamine legs come with leg levelers. It has been designed to be split into 2 halves that allow easy transport. It proves to be a great piece of gaming table for party rentals and event planners. To ensure that your foosball table lasts long you need to invest in a Foosball Cover.

  • With LED light
  • Rod guard system
  • Pro foosball men
  • Integrated leg levelers
  • No assembly solid steel Rods
  • Includes 2 Warrior tournament balls
  • Splitting design for easy to transportion
  • Expensive
  • The paintwork gets chipped easily

#5 Warrior Table Soccer Custom Foosball Table

Warrior Table Soccer Custom Foosball Table If you love to play with your imagination, then you should definitely try this Warrior Table Soccer Custom Foosball Table. This table allows customization of the playfield, end walls and side walls with interesting design. Get this professional foosball table customized as per your imagination and create your own Customized Warrior Professional Foosball table.

This 56-inch foosball table is available in some of the most exciting color combinations that you will love to own. The sturdy steel rod with handles helps you hit the shots perfectly. The manual scoring systems at both ends help you keep track of your score. The leg levelers offer an even playing surface.

So, invest in this item and get the scope to design your own foosball table for your office, game room, showroom and more. A Harvard Foosball Table can be also an option if you are looking for a regular feature-filled foosball table.

  • Comes assembled
  • Durable construction
  • Manual scoring system
  • Steel rod with handles
  • Leg levelers for an even surface
  • You get to customize your foosball table
  • The only table that is recognized by ITSF and USTSF player organizations
  • NA

#3 Conclusion

As you can see from our article, there are different types of Warrior foosball tables you will come across. You need to compare the size, features and price of the foosball table you are planning to buy and then judge which model suits your need the best.


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