Foosball Rules! A Beginner’s Guide to Foosball


Foosball Rules

Foosball Rules : Nowadays foosball seems to be a very popular game almost everywhere. Like most apartments have a swimming pool, most of them also have a foosball table. Also some offices, clubs, etc. have a foosball table for the entertainment of their staff and members. To avail this facility, you need to know how to play.

This game was initially from the game of football or soccer. If you are already expert then you can go ahead and have a great time, but in case you are a beginner, this article of ours on Know-How to Play Foosball can be of great help that covers some of the basic areas of foosball and how to go about as a fresher.

#1 Foosball Rules! Beginner’s Guide

There are principally six basic rules of foosball that you need to follow for Improving Your Foosball Game Skills. The list of rules is as mentioned below:

Flip-a-coin – By flipping the coin you can decide who would serve the foosball to start the game. Once the first goal is scored, the rule is, the team who had last scored serves the next ball. A goal is considered legal only if the foosball is touched by a man before getting into a goal.

No spinning – Spinning indicates when the rod completes a 360-degree rotation without touching the ball for once. This is considered as an illegal move in foosball.

No jarring – Jarring is when a player slams the rods against the wall of the foosball table trying to distract the foosball from the attention of the other player’s custody. In this game, jarring is absolutely not allowed. Jarring does not refer to the situation when a player on the opposite team moves the foosball rod to and fro trying to play defense.

Dead balls – The dead ball refers to the ball that halts in the middle of the rods of the two teams. In this case, the ball should be picked up and reserved to be served by the team that had last scored on.

If a dead ball is found on the defensive side of the table then the defensive player should move the ball back to the playing position. This rule has been set so that the players don’t cause a dead ball purposely and force a reserve.

Out of play – This refers to the situation when a ball comes out off the table or bumps into the top rail and returns to the table area. Here, the ball is considered out of play and must be kept aside by the team that had last scored.

5 bar passing – These 5 bar passing rule is a little tough to understand if you have never played foosball tournament. These passing rules are not applicable to all the foosball rods, but only 5 bars. Here, within 10 seconds you need to pass the ball from your 5the bar rod to the 3rd bar rod directly after a serve.

The ball here needs to touch 2 men on the 5th bar before touching the 3rd bar. Also, the ball is allowed to touch the wall 2 times in a row before it touches a man again on the 5th bar.

Time limits – As per the foosball rules, this means a player is allowed to have the ball only for the allotted time. The time limits are Goalie area and 3-man rod cannot be more than 15 seconds and 5-man rod should not be over 10 seconds. Penalty for not sticking to this rule you need to bear a loss of ownership of the ball to the opponents 5-man rod.

Total number of players that can play foosball

Some of the Best Foosball Tables are available in different sizes and so depending on the number of players you can choose the size of the table. The number of players can be within the range of from 2 to 8. Like most other sports, a 2-player game is known as singles and a 4-player game is known doubles.

In the singles game, the players can control all the rods while in doubles play each team includes 2 people on either side of the table. In such a situation, two people control the rods on one side of the table.

Gripping the Handle

To improve your overall performance in foosball having a proper grip is really important. This improves your accuracy as well as speed. Using Foosball Wraps ensures that you have a good grip. To ensure better speed and accuracy you must hold the handles loosely. Many inexperienced players hold the handles too tightly which affects the performance. There are typically two types of grips used to play foosball namely:

  • The traditional shot grip – This is applicable to all standard foosball shots like spray shot, tic-tac shot, push shot and pull shot. In this type of grip, there must be a little gap between the thumb or index finger and the handle. This indicates that you are not gripping too hard. If you indulge in other sports like tennis, where you need to grip the racket hard, make sure you don’t follow this in the case of foosball.
  • The open-handed grip – In the case of a snake or rollover shot this grip proves to be a great option. Here, the foosball man to tilt forward so that the toe pins the ball to the table. This grip ensures that the bottom of the hand and wrist touching the handle. In this type of grip, the foosball man nearly has to make a nearly full rotation before hitting the ball.

#1 Basic Game Play Tips

To be an expert in playing foosball, you need to have a good idea about the different Foosball Parts & Accessories. Apart from knowing the parts and accessories, you also need to follow a few tips to be able to master the game. Some of the basic Foosball Tips are as listed below:

• Though there are different ways to serve a foosball that you may want to try out to see which one works best for you. But it is recommended that you play with the 5-bar for a consistent shot.

• Keep the players close to the ball and avoid swaying them high up; this helps you get better control.

• Try and focus more on the movement of the ball rather than that of the action of the rod. This saves you from getting distracted by the rod movement of your opponent and you will be able to focus on your shots.

• Most of the shots are based on wrist flicking, so practice that.

• Try wobbling the players to block the paths to the goal. Use the rods wisely, since you have two different players lined up, you will land up blocking the same space twice.

• Watch out for the sloppy shots from your opponent as most of the goals are made by rebounding and not purposefully.

• Do not take a break even when your opponent is setting up their shot, keep and stay ahead of the game.

• Avoid having two of your player rod cross the rear center goalie. If you do this, you land up blocking the goal. Your opponent in such a situation can watch for a switch and take advantage of the situation to score a goal.

• Avoid moving in a predictable pattern while playing.

• Keep practicing moving the ball from one player to another to gain more control of the game.

• Remember, spinning is not allowed in foosball.

#2 Conclusion

When you search for the foosball rule, you might come across some sites where the rules are a little complicated and set usually for the tournaments. You need to get confused, as being a beginner you can follow the tips and rules of this guide of ours that will eventually help you gain confidence.

It will help you become more conversant with the basic rules of the game and in no time become a champion with a better understanding of the game. Once you know the rules you can actually enjoy the game.


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