How to Improve Your Grip with Foosball Wraps?


How to Improve Your Grip with Foosball Wraps

How to Improve Your Grip with Foosball Wraps : Remember last time how your sweaty hands betrayed you in the last moment just as you were about to make that killer shot in the competitive foosball game against your buddies. The last-minute fumbled shot due to your sweaty hands spill water on all those hours of serious practice you spent in improving your techniques.

In order to avoid such situations, you need to get a good grip on the handles. So, Improve Your Grip with Foosball Wrap on the handles of the foosball table that protects your hands from getting sweaty. They also save you from such embarrassing situations. These wraps help you make advance shots and also improve your defense.

#1 What are Foosball Wraps?

Foosball wraps and tubes are something that is used in every tournament by almost every professional player. Wraps not only improve your ability to grip the foosball handle and make progressive shots like the pull or snake shot but using wraps on the other handles can help improve defense and passing. They also act as a great solution to improve the grip of your hands that get sweaty after playing for some time.

The wraps are available in different thickness and there is nothing called a perfect wrap. It entirely depends on the type of game you choose and your style of playing. Hence, you need to try out all of the Best Foosball Wraps and then decide which one serves your needs the best.

#2 Things to Consider before Buying Best Foosball Wraps

Only mastering the Foosball Strategy for Beginners is not enough for you to master the game. Once you decide to buy foosball wraps you should take certain factors into consideration like:

Thickness – Wraps come in different thickness and you need to pick as per your requirement.

Comfort – This is another vital aspect that plays a major role in selecting a foosball wrap. If you are comfortable you can never get the required grip.

Brand – To know the best brand, you should do a comparative study of the various popular brands and go through the user reviews.

Test its performance under pressure – To check the performance of the grip you need to wait till your hands get sweaty.

Go for bulk purchase – Since most people prefer to wrap all the handles for improving the grip, it is advised that you buy the wraps in bulk.

Can try alternatives – In case you don’t come across suitable foosball wraps, you can go for tennis wraps that are commonly available.

#3 TOP Best Foosball Wraps Reviews 2020

#1 Warrior Foosball Wraps

Warrior Foosball Wraps (Bundle of 60)
  • IMPROVE YOUR GRIP, IMPROVE YOUR GAME - Using these grips...
  • TACKY FEEL AND ABSORBENT - This durable ultra grip will help...
  • EASY APPLICATION- With a tapered end, they are very easy to...

This product comes in a pack of 60 multicolor wraps that will help you boost the quality of your gameplay by increasing the control on the handles. The wraps are packed in a round transparent box.

These wraps are 43-inches in length and 1-inch wide. The wraps are durable and made of absorbent material that will help wick moisture away and keep your hands dry. They come with easy to remove plastic covering and finishing tape for easy installation.

It can be used by amateur and professional both. 60 warps at a price of XX.XX$ is a great deal along with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars in Amazon.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Comes in assorted colors
  • Made of durable material for ultra-grip
  • Being absorbent they help remove moisture and keeps your hands dry
  • It can be used for many activities like tennis handles, table handles, fishing poles, etc.
  • NA

#2 8 Warrior Foosball Wraps

8 Warrior Foosball Wraps
  • IMPROVE YOUR GRIP, IMPROVE YOUR GAME - Using these grips...
  • TACKY FEEL AND ABSORBENT - This durable ultra grip will help...
  • EASY APPLICATION- With a tapered end, they are very easy to...

This foosball warp comes in a set of 8 that is sufficient for covering all the handles of your foosball table. These multicolored wraps are made of durable material with a dimension of 43 X1 inches.

Their removable plastic covering and the finishing tape makes them easy to install. The absorbent material soaks all the moisture and keeps your hands warm and dry when you play for a long time. The tapered ends make it easy to apply on the handles.

With the use of these comfortable grips you can improve your control. Apart from good quality wraps you also need to invest in Best Foosball Balls to get the desired results. These can be used on the handles of many other table games like tennis handles, fishing poles, etc.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Comes in multiple colors
  • The durable material offers good grip
  • Can be used for other table games too
  • The absorbent nature keeps your hands dry and moisture-free
  • The warps keep coming off the handles
  • The glue on the warps does not stick very well
  • There is no instruction given on how to wrap them on the handles

#3 Warrior Foosball Wraps

Warrior Foosball Wraps (Set of 4)
  • IMPROVE YOUR GRIP, IMPROVE YOUR GAME - Using these grips...
  • TACKY FEEL AND ABSORBENT - This durable ultra grip will help...
  • EASY APPLICATION- With a tapered end, they are very easy to...

Only investing in a good quality Affordable Foosball Table for Your Home is not enough. For best results, you also need foosball handle wraps that give you the required grip to hit the perfect shot.

This comes in a set of only 4 allowing you to increase your control on the foosball handles. They are available in assorted colors in a size of 43 inches long and 1 inch wide. These durable and absorbent wraps ensure that your hands stay dry while playing. It has attained a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars in Amazon.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Made of durable material
  • Comes in a pack of 4 different colors
  • Fit for both the amateur and professional players
  • Helps in removing moisture from your hands and keeps them dry
  • NA

#4 How to Install Wraps

A Foosball Handle Wrap is used to boost a player’s ability to get a proper grip of the foosball handle so that they are able to shoot any type of shot. But for this, you should also know how to install them properly for an effective gameplay.

Wrapping the foosball handle is an important step. Here are a few steps that will help you install your foosball handle wrap effectively:

• Loosen the wrap

• Then place it at the end of the handle

• Now with your left hand slowly rotate the handle and help of your right hand hold the wrap firmly

• Now keep rolling it on your handle, from the start position and upwards by overlapping a little

• Once you reach the end of the handle, then go back to the other end of the handle

• If at any point you feel the wrap is loose, you need to stop then and there and start all over again by applying more tension

• Repeat this process for all handles

If you believe in visual learning, then you can also take a look at the short video tutorial available on the internet. Like the wraps act as protection for the handles of the foosball table, you can also Protect Table with Foosball Cover. Even these foosball tables are readily available in various online stores.

#5 Conclusion

A foosball player needs to have good control over the handles. This is where the foosball handle wraps play a vital role. Using wraps improves the accuracy level and increases your chances to win the foosball match. As a player, we all have our own preference when it comes to the control factor.

So, depending on your preference you need to pick your foosball handle wrap for the most effective control. Remember the wraps basically should act as a support to help you get a better grip. You can try out any of the wraps reviewed in our article for the best possible results.


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