How To Move Pool Table? A Quick Guide


In the excitement, we buy the pool table, but the real question is How to move a Pool Table. We all love to play pool games, and it’s a great place to gather and talk to our friends and loved ones. Moving a pool take is a challenging task.

It may weigh up to 750 pounds or even more. It means you can’t move it alone; you need some help and more importance; you need to learn the technique. If you move pool take before analyzing the technique, you may need to pay a high Cost to Move a Pool Table.

There are many risks associated with this. If you plan to move or shift your Pool Table, you have come to the right place. Continue to read further for more details.

How to Move Pool Table

#1 How To Move Pool Table?

You need to be vigilant and conscious while moving the Full-Size Pool Table. You have to consider so many things, like the Required Room for a Pool Table, lighting, and many more. If you are doing this without any precaution and care, it increases the chances of getting hurt—the steps to move a Pool Table changes as per the moving place.

If you are shifting Pool Table to another floor or another house, you need to consider using strong dollies and straps. These will be explained in detail further.

#1 Moving Pool Table across the Room:

If you are moving the pool table across the room, the most convenient method is to use a pool table lift. For Moving Pool Table Across the Room, you can also use Dollies. As you are moving the pool table across the room, you need to pass through a door. You don’t have to disassemble the pool table.

If there is a door, you should check the width for easy passage. Increase, you have to disassemble the pool table, make sure you know how to reassemble it after moving. These two following things use to move the Pool table across the room.
Use Strong Dollies

You need to ensure that the dollies; the wheel has enough strength to tolerate the rate of the Pool Table. You should also need a few helping hands to put this table on the four dollies. You can place each dolly under each leg and reflet Your Pool Table. You must lock the dollies after placing the pool table on it to avoid any accident.

Here, an adequate workforce means you need four or five extra men to help you balance the leg of dollies. When you fix each leg of the Pool Table on dollies, you should ask one person to keep an eye on the pool table, even though the dollies are locked. After putting the table on Dollies, you can unlock the dollies and move the wheels to the pool table’s next direction.

If you are moving the pool table using dollies, make sure you have a fixed table and strong dollies. While shifting, make sure the next location level is leveled so that dollies can roll over it. And if it is not level, you can’t enjoy playing pool at the table.
Use a Pool Table Lift

It is the easiest way to shift the pool table for a short distance. You don’t have to take any stress while moving Pool Table with a lift. This device is straightforward and doesn’t need many settings. You can easily rent a Pool table lift or buy one for yourself if you need to move your pool table for more than one time. If you are Moving to Pool Table by Yourself, Pool Table Lift will be the most option.

However, you need to have some finance. The pool table lift is not as cheap as the dollies. To move the pool table with pool table life, you need to slide ride beneath the pool table and pull the lever to raise the pool table. This lift has strong wheels, so it will easily tolerate the weight of the pool table. Most of these lifts have high strength and strong wheels.

These lifts have a different weight capacity. So, make sure your lift should have a proper weight capacity. You should check the Pool Table assembly because if the pool table is at fault, it can damage your pool table, and you will get hurt.

#2 Moving Pool Table around the house:

If you are moving Pool table around the house, you need to consider many other aspects because when you move it around the house, you need to check the ground, door size, and passage. So, make sure you calculate and measure these details. To move the pool table around the house, you need to use these three tools;

When you are moving the Pool Table around the house, make sure you use dollies. When you use dollies, you need more helping hands. You need a minimum of four men to help because you need to slide the dollies under the Pool table’s legs. If you don’t want to disassemble the pool table, dollies are a great option.

You need four dollies to shift your pool table. Make sure the hallways and passages have the leveled ground. You need to make sure the dollies are locked when you try to place the leg of the pool table on it. It will prevent dollies from rolling.

You can also use the Pool table lift when you don’t want anyone’s help and don’t want to disassemble the pool table. These lifts have a unique design to pick up the massive thing and slide it easily. These lifts have a reliable system and robust wheels that allow them to tolerate such heavy items.

You can also use Furniture Sliders to Pool Tables made for Kids. This furniture slider allows you to shift the pool table to a very short distance like within the home. You need to put the pool table’s legs on the furniture sliders and then slide the pool table at the new place.

#3 Moving Pool Table to Upstairs:

It is very challenging to move Pool Table upstairs without disassembling. First, you need to disassemble the pool table. Sometimes, people buy Outdoor Pool Tables, and they want to move it to the upstairs at the balcony. So, in such cases also you need to take help of your friends. You need 3 to 5 friends or neighbors to help you with this situation.

Typically, the minimum weight of the pool table 750 pounds or more. You need to make sure the devices like dollies, lift, and strips you use must have adequate strength. You need to stress the pool table assembles while shifting to upstairs. It will prevent any accident and protect your pool table parts.

To avoid any back injury, you should always lift from your legs. First, measure the length of the pool table and take photos of the pool table before disassembling. It will help in the reassembly. Make sure you keep patient and have time in this process. You can’t shift the pool table in a few minutes. You need a minimum of one to three hours.

You should note that most pool table manufacturers don’t provide a warranty when you move the pool table from the last place. If any damage occurred when you are Moving to Pool Table Upstairs, you have to pay for these damages. It will not be covered in the warranty.

#4 Moving Pool table to another house:

When you plan to move Pool Table to another home, you need to measure the Basic Dimension of Pool Table and compare it with the passages and roadways that come on the way. It helps you to decide which path to take.

You need to follow these five steps while moving the Pool table to another house;

Step 1: First, measure the doorways, passages, and other pathways that come your way.

Step 2: Disassemble the Pool table before moving.

Step 3: Remove all the essential Parts of the Pool table to prevent any damage.

Step 4: Then remove the table legs and do this carefully.

Step 5: Use Wraps or Pool Table Covers while moving the parts of the pool table.

If you made any mistake while moving, you should click here to know the Best Pool Tables to Buy. Or you can pay money to Professional movers to move the Pool table to another house.

#2 Moving a Pool Table, Yourself Vs. Professional Movers:

If you are alone, it will be very challenging to shift the pool table. You need four to five pairs of hands. If you don’t have any, you should always ask the professional movers. They have enough workforce as well as tools to move the pool table without any damage. It is the most convenient way to move your pool table to the upstairs or another house.

When you perform this take from Pool Tables Movers, you don’t have to take the stress. These people are experienced and have robust tools to support your pool table. How to move a pool table is still a mystery for man people. No matter whether you have mini pool tables or a large size pool table, you can move it quickly with perfect tricks.

#3 Conclusion:

It is all about various ways to move a pool table. Hopefully, this article helps you to get your answer. Professional movers can easily accomplish this task if you don’t want to do it. Comment below if you have any questions.


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