How to Play Foosball? A Quick Easy Guide


How to Play Foosball? A Quick Easy Guide

How to Play Foosball? A Quick Easy Guide : Foosball was invented by Harold Thornton in 1921. This was a result of inspiration from his favorite English football team, Tottenham Hotspur. He wanted to create an easy game which families could play at home. Today, foosball has been accepted worldwide and is known by different names in each part of the world. In France, it is known as “baby foot”, in Germany as “kicker” and in Mexico as “futbolito”.

#1 What is Foosball?

Foosball or table soccer or table football is a game that uses the control knobs to moves the ball into the opponent’s goal post with the help of the tiny players attached to the rods. It is such a game which can be enjoyed at home, in the office or club simply on the foosball table.

But it is very important for you to know how to spell foosball. While writing the word foosball, you need to be really careful as a single letter if placed here and there will change the entire meaning of the word.

#2 The Ideal Size of the Foosball Table

The typical foosball table dimension is 56” long, 30” wide and 36” tall. A table of this size normally includes 8 metal rods with foosmen. This is the official foosball table size for any kind of competition as stated by ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation).

#3 How to Play Foosball?

The prime objective in the game is to place the ball in the opponent’s goal and to keep it away from your goal.  On each, there are 4 rods controlling 13 playing figures. You need to push, pull or turn the rods to operate them.  Theoretically, it may sound easy, but in real life, it takes a lot of practice to be able to manage all the rods and players.  The goal is to accumulate 5 points rather give 5 goals before your opponent.  If you are interested to play a match then you can play 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 games.  The one having the highest score wins the match. To be an expert in the game you need to be aware of how to set up the table and the foosball rules and tips.

  • Know how to set up the foosball table – While buying a foosball table, the rods and the players might not be installed and you may have to arrange them in the basic table structure. Setting up a foosball table is not very easy. You need to follow the instructions given in the manual to set the rods so that your foosball table is ready for the gameplay. The following steps need to be observed:
  • Set up the foosball table in an open space in such a manner that there is at least 3 feet of space at both the sides, for the players to move freely and control the playing rods.
  • If you take a look at the rods, you will notice each one has a different number of players attached to it. Normally, you should have 4 rods with three players where 2 rods are shorter. These shorter pair of rods having 3 players are the goalie rods. These goalie rods may also have a single player on them.
  • You need to take the goalie rods one by one and insert them into the respective slots. But you need to ensure that the players on the rods face each other. You also need to notice the color of the uniforms of the players on each side. In the second slot, you need to place the defender rods. The third row should be the opposing team’s three- player rod. The players on these rods need to face the opposing goalie. The last rod should be the five-player rod. These two rods need to face each other in the center.

Basically what you need to ensure is that the colors and the number of players are correct. Considering from one end of the table there must be blue goalie rod, two blue player rods, three red player rods, five blue player rods, five red player rods, three blue player rods, two red player rods and lastly, red goalie rod. The ball should be placed in the center to allow you to enjoy your game of foosball.

#1 Tips to Improve the Game

  • Initially, the game may look easy but as you start playing, you will eventually realize that to improve the gameplay you need to be aware of certain foosball tips. Few of the tips that you may consider the following are:
  • Shooting tips – Most beginners find it difficult to get the proper grip the handles initially. It is advised to have a loose grip on the handles to allow maximum movement at the desired speed.
  • Serving tips – While serving, you can serve the ball to yourself. You shouldn’t give your opponent the opportunity to score and keep the ball in your possession.
  • Bumpers tips – While playing foosball at a bar, you should slide the rubber bumper down to the end of the rods which cleans it. This tip is not suitable for your home foosball table.
  • Defense tips – For this, you need to first move your 2 defense rods close together to form a single defensive unit. Make sure the defensive players do not overlap and avoid crossing back and forth.
  • Always play defense – In foosball, you should always play defense. You should be able to follow the ball wherever it moves on the table. Avoid getting distracted.
  • Bring variation in patterns and movements – While playing defense against advanced players, you should know how to alternate your defensive movements and patterns. This distracts your opponent and makes your moves more unpredictable.
  • Covering the goal – Since the goal is 5 times the width that of the balls, covering the entire goal is not needed.

#4 Conclusion

This quick and easy guide on how to play foosball will be highly helpful especially for the beginners. But with the rising popularity of table foosball game in today’s world, we can’t ignore the popularity of the fun sport, human foosball. Playing human foosball is gaining increasing acceptance in all kinds of family outings, team outings, office games and outing with friends.


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