What is Human Foosball? How to Play Human Foosball?


Human Foosball

You must have heard about the game “Foosball” and the first thing people tend to visualize on hearing this word is a table Foosball. This game is easy to learn, fun and doesn’t require a lot of time to set up. No wonders it has turned out to be a popular leisure sport in the college dormitories, bars and pubs.

But have you at all heard of term Human Foosball? It is an outdoor game that has borrowed most of the principles and mechanics from table foosball. But practically it is a different game where the basic difference is it involves actual human instead of the miniature plastic players who kick and move the ball.

#1 What is Human Foosball?

Human Foosball is basically a fun sport that is gaining increasing popularity in most family outings, in the process of building teamwork, or just as a time pass activity that you can enjoy with some friends after work. With a minimum setup cost, you can have hours of fun in this game.

It is very similar to the regular table foosball game, just that it is life-sized. In this game, the field is about 32 feet in length and 16 feet in width with rods running across the field. The human players out here hold the rods in their set positions. Here, how many people would play the game entirely varies on the size and field structure you build. For the real feel, you need to include a minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 14. The rules are pretty close to that of table foosball.

This simple game with low setup cost enables you to enjoy for hours. If you don’t want to invest your own time in building the structure then you can also go for the foosball fields offered on rent.

#2 Why Should I Play Human Foosball?

The Human Foosball is a team-oriented sport that offers many benefits to its players like:

Promotes unity amongst the players – This is entirely a team game where the winning strategy is decided by the entire team as a whole and not an individual. In this game, the biggest takeaway of the winning team is building a positive team spirit and empowerment rather than the physical prize. Here, you need to be a good team player who cheers for teammates.

Improves the communication skills – Since Human Foosball is a team sports members need to have proper communication amongst themselves. Each member needs to hold on to the same bar, hence for proper synchronization effective communication is very important so that they don’t trip over each other. It not only improves the way you should talk but also makes you a good listener.

Develops mind and body coordination – When you play Human Foosball, your mind and body gets adapted on how to respond quickly. Since the arena is not very big the decisions need to be made fast. This being a team game, your teammates will constantly support you. Eventually, you get adjusted to the size and angles of the arena and develop a better idea of where the ball is. This will help you aim better. The entire process gives a different level of fulfillment of playing the game.

Prepares you to successfully get over defeat – One great thing about this game is it teaches you about the hardships of life. You learn to accept defeat and disappointment with positivity and take lessons from your mistakes. So, you not only become a good player, but also a good team member and a good human being.

Makes you physically fit – Most of us find the idea of running or hitting the gym boring. So, for people like us, playing this innovative outdoor game can prove to be a way of staying fit. Playing this game is itself a form of a workout as it involves kicks, doing lunges and side shuffles. It doesn’t seem like you are putting any extra effort but every activity seems to be a part of the fun involved in the game.

Helps you socialize – This form of foosball is not at all a snobbish sport. It welcomes people from all walks of life thus opening up the opportunity of meeting, mixing up and playing with people of different backgrounds in a casual mode. Here, you get to make new friends easily the bonds of which might also last a lifetime.

No worn-out parts – One big advantage of playing this human form of foosball, is there is no need to constantly invest in the Foosball Replacement Parts of the foosball table that depreciates with time.

#3 How to Play Human Foosball?

The rules of playing Human Foosball are pretty similar to that of the table foosball, with a very slight difference. In the former form of foosball, there are a total of 7 players in each team; where 6 players are on the field and one is the goalie.

The players are required to hold the rod in front of them with their hands and use only their feet to kick the ball. Their prime objective is to kick the ball through the opponent’s goal. Finally, the team with the most number of goals at the end of the game is declared as the winner.

But remember, if at any time during the game, the ball is knocked out of the boundaries of the court, the ball must be placed back into the middle of the court. It remains in this position until a whistle blows to resume the game. At this time there is a face-off after which the game resumes. Teams can substitute players in and out of the game only in the case of a dead ball, but the players should continue holding on to the rod throughout. As a player, you can freely move around only in an area of about 2 feet with the rod held in their hand constantly.

To ensure a smooth game in the case of table foosball, getting new foosball table when your old table gets damaged is highly essential. In such a situation, you can check out the Foosball Table Cost in many of the reliable websites.

#4 Where can I play Human Foosball?

Depending on the area you live, there several options of a life-size foosball playing surface. Since the sport has gained huge popularity in many places you can also find the inflatable Human Foosball arena on rentals. If you are really keen on playing the game you can also try building your own foosball field by following certain easy to follow guides. Remember it is an outdoor facility that needs a certain amount of space for the players to move around and play freely.

#5 Human Foosball Rules & Guide

The basic difference between the two types of games is in Human Foosball real players kick the ball instead of miniature plastic players and these real players are not allowed to let go of the rod. Just like soccer, here your prime motive should be to score goals by knocking the ball into the goal post of the other team and similarly they are able to score a goal when they knock it into your goal post.

• There is no typical field size for Human Foosball normally it is around 32’x16’ or something close to it. You can create this field or court for playing in different ways

• Here, two teams compete against each other to score the maximum number of goals in a limited period of time

• Each team comprises of 6 players in 3 separate rows facing the opposing team’s goal at all times. The 6 players are divided into 1 goalie, 2 forwards and 3 mid-fielders.

• Each of the teams can have up to 4 spare players, who can act as a substitute only at the intermission of the game

• The game is played in two halves of 10 minute each with a 5 minute half-time in between

• The teams can change sides after the half-time

• When a team scores a goal, the game is restarted by giving possession of the ball to the team who just scored the goal by placing the ball in the mid-field area

• When the ball goes out of the boundary either on the sides or at the ends, the game is again restarted and the possession of the ball is given to the non-offending team in the mid-field area

• The game is over when the time expires

• The game officials provide the final score

• No experience is required to play the game

There are certainly some Foosball Tips and Tricks for Beginners like they should try to have a relaxed grip, not spin the rods as spinning is illegal in foosball, master a single shot, etc.

#6 Conclusion

As we can see, that foosball played with real players has turned out to be a great activity for both the young and the old. By playing this game you have an added advantage of building teamwork to some degree, stay fit be in a human touch.

There are several options where you can play this outdoor game right from an unenclosed court, a gym, a playing field, a temporary or permanent court that is custom-built as per your specifications or even an inflatable court. Whichever you opt the game always offers hours of unlimited fun and chances of making some treasured memories.


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